Attached Garage/Security with Wyze Plug

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I searched and did not see this security option using the Wyze plug. Houses with attached garages are a soft target and easily accessed with garage doors that have the emergency release ropes on their garage door opener.
I have installed a camera in the garage along with a door contact which works well but still did not feel secure.
At times l leave a vehicle in the driveway overnight with my remote control on the visor which is another easy access point.
So I added a Wyse plug with a schedule that disables my door.
Hope this helps others.


Welcome to the community, @Quinn2016. I’m curious, how does the plug disable the door opener for you? If you’re referring to the garage door operner, from my experience, the emergency rope completely bypasses the opener when pulled.

He’s referring to people using the remote that’s in the car in the driveway.

I guess that’s the point I missed. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I was scatching my head for a minute too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks for clarifying

Thanks… for your follow up question to help get to my point. There are mechanical bolt on devices that secure and block the emergency rope from being accessed from the exterior.

Grabbing that emergency rope from outside the building isn’t as easy as the Internet makes it seem. It’s easier and less obvious to go through the man door.

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Angus…My man door is locked has a door contact so I would know if someone entered.

For those that do not have a security system a skilled thief can easily open the rope release and get in and out without you knowing or causing damage .

Have you ever tried to snag the emergency rope from outside? I know I couldn’t open mine without causing obvious damage to the door or frame.