Wyze Plug - Low Voltage

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

Has anyone posted info on how to modify or repurpose the Wyze Plug for low voltage applications?

Example scenario - I have a garage door that I’d like to automate. The easiest way I can think of doing this is to really couple it with an arduino. Basically, the arduino monitors voltage from the Wyze Plug. If there is a change (on or off) it would then energize the connection circuit to simulate a button press (as a button press needs to open/close the circuit or the door will just keep opening/reopening).

Are there other ways to do this?

I will also be coupling this with the contact/motion sensors and IFTTT to create automated scripts to close my garage door if it is left open at night :blush:

I appreciate any input or experiences you’ve had!

Or, you know, you could do it the right way for $59.

Had no idea they sold Wyzecams too.

I used to use a smart plug with a relay to control my garage door until I found this, works wayyyyy better and cheap! They make units with multiple controls too.

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Thanks for the reply @Customer. I’m not sure I’d call that the “right” way but it would do what I asked. The major downsides are that it isn’t a modular design that can be repurposed in the future, doesn’t interact with the Wyze app, and doesn’t currently support IFTTT for complex conditions that I want to pair (i.e. Using Life360 if last family member leaves and the garage door is open, close garage door).

The bigger thing by modularizing it as it can now be used in other switch based conditions that require a momentary connection so I can use it as a more generic tool as needed.

I do appreciate the input though - if I can’t figure it out then this is an option to consider.

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Thanks for this @Ken.S. I wish it was supported by the Wyze app but that may need to be a sacrifice I need to make.

Did you convert to this because it has an inching mode capability? What was the reason the plug didn’t work for you?

I was being a bit tongue in cheek, but at least personally I’d prefer the purpose built appliance to control a main (and physically dangerous) entrance. However @Ken.S’s DIY solution does look pretty cool.

Yeah, I would have preferred not to use another app, but it works great with Google assistant, Alexa and IFTTT.

I was actually using a wemo smart plug (this was b4 the Wyze plug was available), but there’s just too many pieces involved for it to work. See the pdf link below, someone on the Wyze FB group posted it a long time ago, it’s what I used to set up. The thing with using a smart plug is that it needs to support turning on then right back off.

A co-worker bought a similar wifi relay module instead of going the smart plug route. Once I saw how easy it was, I switched. And yes, inching mode is what you want, which is on by default.