Control Non-120V Devices with Wyze Plug

Here is a device I use to control something that is not 120v AC. It is basically a relay that can be controlled by an outlet. So plug Wyze Plug into an outlet, and then plug this into Wyze Plug. Then, connect anything you want to control to the terminals. It can use just about any voltage and supports AC and DC since its just a relay. I have it branching off my garage opener so I can trigger it remotely. I also have plans to add it to a motorized ball valve to make a DIY smart sprinkler.


That’s a good find, thanks. I spent a few minutes once looking for an “appliance” style relay that didn’t require fitting a board into an enclosure but came up empty.

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Yes. They’re even useful for non smart things too, like a outlet controlled switch. I have one that’s plugged into my garage openers light socket using an adapter. When the garage opens and its light turns on, it activates the rest of the shop lights. Its useful because the two are on different circuits, and are kept electrically isolated from each other.


Just did exactly the same with an old electric door lock. It worked perfectly. I added a rule to automatically switch the plug off after 2 seconds, as the lock only needs a pulse. I found two flaws, however:
1- Rules are stored in the app, not in the plug. If I share the plug, the new user will have to create the same rule. That is a real inconvenience, as I planned to use it as a key-less entry to my Airbnb.
2- If there is a blackout, the plug will start in a brief “ON” state, sending a pulse to the lock and unlocking the door. I live in a tropical region. Brief blackouts are a common event. I now will be forced to add a UPS before the plug. I have not tested if the same happens when the plug reboots after a firmware update.
I’d recommend you all look into these two issues and how that can affect your usage of the device.
I think it would be nice if one of the Actions available on Rules was triggering a Notification when the plug is on or off. That way I could at least know if the door was opened when triggered by the plug restarting.

Cool! Was looking at $184 fireplace remote. Already have a Wyze outdoor plug, can use one side for the blower (no speed control of course) and the other side to control a 120v triggered relay contact to turn on the ignitor. The one listed above is not available but this one is.
And others

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