Using a Wyze Switch ONLY to control a Wyze Plug

So as the title says, looking to use a switch only for the purposes of controlling a plug. The backstory here is my dad has Parkinson’s and Lewy Body Dementia and to make things easier for him (and for my mom as caretaker) as he declines physically, I’m trying to make some things around their home smart, scheduled, etc. One of the items on the list is a reading light that he uses often, but that has one of those stupid on-wire switches. I know I could get a remote-controlled outlet setup, but he also has been misplacing things a lot lately, so the idea of having a proper wall switch for this lamp is really appealing. I know in theory this should be able to work as I can program the 1-tap on the switch to control the device, but I’m not sure exactly what I should do with regard to the wiring. I’m very comfortable and experienced in electrical work, so the idea of extending an existing switch box to add a gang is simple enough, but trying to confirm before making holes in the wall. Also, I assume pigtailing off the constant hot and tying into the neutral bundle in the box would be fine since the switch wouldn’t be directly controlling the power on that wire, but wanted to see if anyone has any thoughts or has done something similar. Thanks!

To be honest may be easier to get one of the smart buttons and tape it/screw it into the wall. So then they can just hit the button and control the smart plug. Haven’t look into it a lot but I know govee makes a smart plug and action buttons. But I think their action/smart buttons only work on other govee products. Maybe one day Wyze can release something like this. I can see a lot of useful benefits from it. There are other products out there, but will need more research. but seems like alot of work in adding an extra switch in the wall just for the light. But the things you do for love ones. But as long as the switch has a hot wire, neutral and ground you should be good.