Here's Why I'm Returning My Wyze Robot Vacuum

The customer service rep told me to move it to a room with less pet hair. I didn’t say there’s a lot of pet hair. I asked about cleaning the front wheel, it does pick up pet hair.

But I had to ask the question twice.

The first time I asked this question they replied telling me how to clean the brushes. I replied to that email telling them again that I was talking about the small front wheel and stated that their documents call it the “universal” wheel. They never replied.

The second time I opened a support request, I received the response telling me to move the vacuum to a different room.

I have used iRobot Roombas for years. They are highly serviceable. In fact, this front wheels pulls down and pops off, then the axle slides out and voila, the pet hair falls off. Reassembly is equally easy.

I can’t wait until it breaks to make the decision, the customer service representative told me that my near-beta product needs to be returned within the first 30 days.

Buyers who have never had a robot vacuum cleaner before are going to learn the hard way that these devices themselves need to be cleaned and serviced, something Wyze barely and incompletely mentions.