Help with TinyCam Pro 1.0.5 and Wyze integration

Now that I am retired, my intentions are, among many things, to get TinyCam Pro working with my Wyze setup.

iPadOS 14.7.1
TinyCam Pro 1.0.5

TCP recognizes the cameras by UID. I select one, and TCP wants the password. What password does TCP want? No matter what I enter I get a message Wrong Password.

I have spent too much time on this. No Google or Wyze forum search has information this basic.

I’ve also had problems with Tiny Cam Pro, but not that one. The password I use is my Wyze account password which lets TCP access the cams.
Problem I have is that once the cams are all set up and channels defined, the next time I access the app the channels seem to have shifted. Camera A shows up under Camera B, etc. Very frustrating.
Also check YouTube. There are numerous videos about how to use TCP with Wyze cams.
Hope this helps!

I am using the password for my Wyze account. That is why this is so frustrating. To be sure, I logged out of the Wyze app, and that exact password was accepted when I logged back in.

None of the videos address my basic issue. Enter the password and go. Got to be a loose nut behind the wheel causing the problem, and I am probably staring right at it.

I would like to help with your issue, but can’t get past this wrong password problem.

Something else that might be related. In WiFi configuration, I can’t enter the WiFi name (which I assume is the SSID) and I am picking the 2G network and my ipad is also on that same 2G network.I can enter the password, but no matter where I click on the line where the WiFi name goes can I get a place to enter the WiFi name. Here is a screen grab of that oage.

There’s a fix for the channel problem:

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Some place in the TinyCam setup you need to enter your Wyze account information. Not sure where the screen you posted comes from, but that’s not the setup I’ve seen. Also, where did you find a TinyCam version that runs on iOS? I’ve only seen an Android version. Official link:

Have you reviewed this post:

Wow-thanks! I will give that a shot for sure!


TinyCam And TinyCam Pro are both in the Apple store.

I am using a different app. TinyCam and TinyCam Pro are not the same as TinyCam Monitor. Time to break out the FireHD10.

Was hoping to use it with my iPad and iPhone because those are usually with me, whereas the Android stays at home.

Yeah I would go so far as to call those Rogue applications. Don’t use them. The “real” TinyCam and TinyCam Pro are called TinyCam Monitor, as noted. And it’s only on Android.

TinyCam Monitor is installed. Thanks! Really helps to install the correct app.

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Good to hear. Also, you should probably change your password now that you’ve handed it over to the other developer. :frowning:

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This TinyCam Pro is the bee’s knees!

Got it running on both my Fire HD8 and Fire HD10. Had a major problem with it crashing until I switched from Main to Sub.

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