help with motion only record every 5 minutes

motion only record every 5 minutes

It only notifies you every 5 minutes. It will record as long as there is motion to an sd card and you can look at it later through your phone.

In order for Wyze to be able to provide free cloud storage, the clips that are sent to the cloud are limited to 12 seconds at most every five minutes for each event type. However, if you insert a microSD card into the camera, it can record continuously or for as long as motion is occurring. See the Support section at the top of this page for more info on SD card recording.

Ok thanks

Yup, i see it now, it record to the cloud 12s, every 5 minutes(if motion is detected)

And it was set up to record on sd car on motion detection, so it record(to sc card) more then 12 sec and as often as motion is detected.

I was looking only on the notification, now the playback :slight_smile:



Correct, the cloud alerts are in the Notifications tab and the SD card recording is found by tapping View Playback.

Just FYI, the way motion-event-only recording to the SD card works… any whole one minute interval from :00 to :59 is saved if there is any motion in the minute. Other minutes are discarded. So you may see many seconds during that minute with no motion.