HELP pnow i cant connected

I am trying to set up new devidec and it keep throwing me back to home screen and not giving me the qr code!!! Need help asap!

Hold down the power button, shut down, and restart your phone.

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Please try:

I aready did and now it will not add no devices

Everytime i push add a new device it goes backto the screcean and so itgoes like this (add device) (push button) (wait for ready to connect) and then bam goes back to home screen not even going passed to qr screen i need help asap i thought it was my rotors so i rest that rest the password and now cant access nun of my camras kiked evethinf out and now i cant even add nothing i aready deleted app reinsalled it logoff log back in i spend 4 hours and nothing is working

Sorry you’re having so much trouble. You might try making sure that mobile data is temporarily turned OFF on your phone while you are trying to register the devices. And of course the phone needs to be on the same WiFi network.

Is your android on the latest software?

Yea it is and i aready did thatand apparently the devices can not take anymore up dates it has the latest updats but not working

Ok so i found out what is going on so my Samsung galaxy tab is way to old and it will not exempt the new updates that the app has stupid if you ask me. So i had to get a random phone and liking up the camras from a nother phone but can stil watch the camras on tablet just not add them ugh