Help for noob

This is a stupid question, but when setting up the detection zones, is the regular image area or the darkened area the included detection zone? my mind says the default (all regular image detects everything, but I may be wrong.)

Is the dark area the zone to be excluded or is it the area that will be scanned?

Here are 2 samples for you. The light area is the area you want to detect in and the dark area is want to exclude. Hopefully this will help.

This is my side yard, I eliminated the bushes and other areas.

This is my porch, I blocked out the Window


Thank you very much


I tried both ways and neither excludes areas I mark to exclude. What the heck am I paying for(cam plus) when it doesn’t work? If anything turning on the detections made it detect more of what I didn’t want.

I excluded several blocks out from what’s actually needed and turned sensitivity down to 34 and it is STILL picking up movement from headlights of cars passing on road.
Tips would be helpful


Headlights can brighten blocks that are still in circuit, which can trigger pixel-detection cameras like these. Either you turn detection off at night or use a PIR motion detector to trigger the camera. That’s what I do. Still have an old V1 motion detector on my front porch to identify any warm bodies out there, which notifies me and triggers my driveway V3 to record a clip. Works great. :slight_smile:

Of course even with those you need to adjust their view, so they don’t trigger on passing cars, people, and things like lawnmowers you don’t care about.