Detection zone lights still coming on

Good morning, I am new to WYZE and this forum. My question is I have turned on detection zone and greyed out certain areas. At nightime the floodlights still come on in the stay out zone. Is the greyed out area also supposed to control the lights detetection. Thanks and have a good day

Hey, welcome to the forum!

The detection zone is only for the camera, as the floodlight itself uses a PIR motion sensor to trigger its lights.

If you want to use the cameras detection zone rather than the PIR sensor you can:
Device settings > Acccessories > Floodlight > Turn on when dark: (select “Motion is detected by camera” and unselect “Motion is detected by PIR sensor.”)

This will make it so the cameras motion detection, and the detection zone, apply.

Another option is to use the PIR zones:
Device settings > Acccessories > Floodlight > Turn on when dark > Pir Sensor Settings: (toggle the 3 zones to enable or disable sides of the floodlight.)

Good morning, I will give this a try. I appreciate you responding. Have a good day.

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