Help?! (Are these wireless, battery operated cameras?)

Just opened the package and I thought these were wireless, battery operated cameras??? I bought 3 with the intent to use them outside with the housings and can’t figure out how to work them?! I got the first camera connected, but it seems to be frozen and is not showing a live feed. Please help or they are going back out of frustration!!! Thanks in advance!

Wireless, as in “wireless internet connection” aka, WiFi.

These cameras are not battery-operated. You need to plug in the power brick that comes with it. Reminds me of the time I set up my daughter’s laser printer at the dorm, “I thought you said this is a wireless printer?”

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Hello @cda0161 and welcome to the community.

As you have probably figured out as far as power they are wired, they are wireless as far as data.

You could try going through the information located here:

This is mainly a user to user community and you can find lots of help here. Are you on Android or iOS and what exactly are you experiencing.


They are wireless (data) not cordless (power). They may not suit your needs.

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Thanks for the quick response!!!

Wired… hmmmm… so that means I need to run some type of electric/power to them… OK… will figure out what to do with that… I did read some other posts about an adapter or some kind? Where can I get information on those and what I need to run power to these little rascals???

As for the other issue, it was a DUH moment by me. I realized after I posted that if I click the camera image, it refreshes. So DUH on me!!!


Yes they are powered with the micro usb port in the back. There are many threads on this forum with various ways people have mounted and run power to them. I have a few outside in cases i bought and i just was able to run a long usb cable and plug it in somewhere. The max usb length I have used is 26 ft, the longer you go the more issues with power you can have so also keep that in mind.

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