Can you make a Battery operated one?

I love these cameras, would love to be able to mount in out of the way places or even outdoors, but having to be plugged in to power make that impossible at times. Would love to see a battery operated version.

I’ve recorded your request in Wyze’s request tracker. This may be developed, but it also may be quite some time. In the mean time, you can power the Wyze Cams with a USB power bank available from many manufacturers in many capacities:


Why not make an addition here for optional battery power as either primary power source or as a backup to regular power? Charge battery while regular power is available and then if power goes out camera keeps running due to battery availability.

Would putting one of those power banks inline between the outlet and the camera do that? I’m not sure if it’s good for those power banks to be plugged in all the time while powering a device though.


Could always get a tiny UPS as well I guess but they are more expensive than those power banks.