Charging time and life of charge for Wyze Cam

How do I know when the Wyze Cam is charged fully? How long does it take? What is the average life of the charge?

Welcome to the community, @jameskrysak. The V1, V2 and Pan cameras from Wyze are NOT battery powered. They require the USB power module and cord to be connected at all times. Out of curiosity, what made you think they were battery powered?


I thought they were too. Because the camera States it is “wireless”. Also because many of the photos don’t include the wire in them. Which is misleading. The camera is not wireless it is a Wi-Fi camera. Wireless means no wires :grimacing:

Cordless vs Wireless

Usually when things are battery powered they will be referred to as “Cordless” like cordless drills and other power tools. I can see the two terms “Wireless” and “Cordless” causing confusion between the two.

“Wireless” is a term used to describe transmitting of radio signals like your router, computer networking, and telecommunication systems such as cell phones.


I recently hooked up my Wyze cameras. They went off line and stopped working. Can anyone tell me. How much use can I get from my cameras before I have to bring them in to be charged. Should I charge them daily?

Hi @mickitrinity,
I am a little confused on what you are asking, Wyze cameras currently do not have batteries and can not be “charged” - they need to be plugged into power to run, unless you have wired up a battery pack or something along those lines. Can you please clarify what it is you are asking?


X10 has tried to make that distinction for as long as they have sold cameras and I still don’t think it’s stuck.

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Ah! I am ignorant. Thanks for the clarification.

I also believed these cameras had an internal battery . I bought several from Home Depot today. The associate who helped me actually stated they were chargable and included a usb charger. He showed me the metal plate that you attach to the wall so the camera can be taken down to charge.

The associate who helped me actually stated they were chargable

@bobbineubarth Welcome to the community! I believe the HD store associate was only presuming because the Wyze cams are not chargeable and do not have a battery. The cams are powered by a USB power cord and need to be plugged into an outlet to operate. The metal disc is just for mounting the cam. :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s an easy mistake to make if you just look at the pictures or the box without reading about it. We’re all so used to seeing a USB adapter an cable and think it’s like a phone charger. Actually, the Wyze USB adapter and cable would work perfectly fine to charge a phone or device that uses a micro USB cable

Without reading other responses:

Actually to be technical, wireless is the correct term. It has a wireless data connection. The term WIFI actually refers to Wireless fidelity. This is a term used when talking about the strength of a wireless signal but like many things, the word was used incorrectly and has become the norm in referring to wireless devices. A device without a power cord is considered cordless like a cordless drill or a cordless phone.