Lack of Wireless Options

There are all these cool new features coming out on the Wyze security cameras, but they’re all wired models. What’s with the lack of wireless inclusion? Is it a battery capacity problem or something else?

I would guess so. How often are you willing to recharge the battery? With all new features you’ll probably have to do it every couple days if not daily. Also batteries take space, it will affect the form factor of the camera. Have you wondered why there is no battery powered desktop computer?

That is the biggest issue. We have the Wyze Cam Outddor which runs off battery. These have to connect to a base station so the camera can power down. Viewing Live also depletes the battery at a very rapid pace.


I have bought the outdoor cam version with the base station and I have to say GOOD JOB :+1: well at first when it was hardwired not so much but after the firmware update allowing the base station to connect via wifi its been helpful to have a rogue wireless cam that I can randomly move around my property for those people who know where my wired wyze cams are to try and sneak in blind spots only to find an outdoor cam staring them right in the face…

Travel mode was kinda nice to for a makeshift gopro / [roof]dashcam magnetized to the roof of my truck.

BUT THE BEST ONE YET!! Which I’ve been waiting for FOREVER!! The PAN V3!!! :clap: :clap: :clap: HANDS DOWN THE BEST! >Glad I bought 3 of them!