Headphones suck and I want my money back!

I am tired of giving these headphones a try. They keep shutting off and turning back on and customer service takes days and weeks to respond with unhelpful suggestions. The pairing stinks as well. I bought two pairs and want to return them and now customer service isn’t even responding. I understand new products can have problems, but this is over the top! I need something reliable that doesn’t shut off and turn back on mid session. I like the fit and the noise cancelling, but the unprofessionalism of the company is too much!

Have you received a ticket number? I may be able to have someone check on the status for you.

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I’ve been talking to a person for weeks that has not offered much help and they take days to weeks to answer. So, yes, I have a ticket entered and done what I needed to on my end, they have failed on theirs.

Can you post the ticket number here? I may be able to get someone to look into it and get you a faster response.

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what king of device you are trying to pair to.?
BT 3.0?
Can you adjust BT power in your device?


If your playing device is weak cpu. Clean out apps running ing in bkground.

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I have it paired to a Macbook. It pairs fine, but randomly disconnects and reconnects.

I’ve been using my headphones with an Android phone with no problems. I have a problem with the latest version of the app though as the app just goes blank when I select the headphones. At this point I’ll just cross my fingers and hope the issue is fixed in the next firmware release.

You have BT keyboard and Mouse?
I do not know Mac. But you want to find out if you set BT ear muff to priority one and bigger memory buffer with your Player app.

I have a BT keyboard and mouse. There are no priority settings. My AirPods works fine, no troubles. Why do I have to be tech support?? Maybe they should fix the products they have rather than continuing to make new ones.

I have several Bluetooth headsets. If I power my laptop off, or otherwise put it to sleep, the laptop reverts to hard connected devices. I have to re-pair the Bluetooth headsets, even though the are still listed as available but disconnected.

This happens while paired in the middle of use, it disconnects and reconnects within 20 secs. Extremely disruptive while on a zoom session. Again, this is a company issue and they are failing on customer service.

It’s not all a company issue. :slight_smile:
@Brlepage has offered to get you some help twice, all you have to do is post your ticket number so he has something to go by.
Have you tried calling them?
Phone: (206) 339-9646
Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT
Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

By the way, these are really nice headphones. More $ than Wyze but worth it. You can get them for about $70.

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I agree, 20 seconds is not considered standard latency. I find most Bluetooth headsets to get out of sync by a few seconds.

Now, the benefit of talking to support is they go through a list of “knowledge based” solutions. For example, I thought my Band was having a charging problem. The 4th or 5th solution helped identify that the USB port I had been using was the culprit.

Have they represented themselves as a Wyze customer support person? Nope. And those are the exact headphones I’m getting when I return these.

Like @angus.black said, you should call Wyze support. They will try to get them working properly, if that doesn’t work, they can talk about your return options.


You are being obstinate. Of course the people that answer the Support line are official representatives and have access to a knowledge base.

If your sole objective is to justify your opinion and course of actions, write a blog.

Obstinate, big word buddy. This is a community blog, who said it was official. My sole objective is to warn others of a defective product and at some point, wish the company would support and back their product.

As stated below in the community guidelines, this forum is run by volunteers AND Wyze staff.

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Good to know. Ticket #990373


Awesome! I have let the Wyze forum moderators (which includes @UserCustomerGwen, who is a paid Wyze employee) know about your ticket

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