Headphones... need hold to power on and off (Long Press)

Long hold to turn on and off please… at lease with power off. Too easy to power off when you don’t mean to.

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I completely agree. It is too easy to press the power/bluetooth button accidentally and power off the headphones unintentionally. I’ve done this too many times already and I’ve only had the headphones a few days. A simple fix would be to make “power off” a long press of 2-seconds.

Came here to start this same topic. I love the instant-on, but hold-for-off should be required. I’ve turned them off by mistake quite a few times.

My thumb lands directly on the power button when I cover the right ear piece with my hand to hear what others in the room are saying. Quite frustrating how often I’ve accidentally powered down the head phones. All this time I thought power on was already press and wait…

Two right thumbs up for this feature.

Just recently purchased these for my son but liking them so much I might get a pair for myself. Can’t believe its June 2022 and they still haven’t implemented this simple change. In the fews days I’ve been trying these headhphones, I’ve lost track of how many time i accidentally turned off the headphone when i meant to skip songs.