Headphones EQ best settings

Does anyone have the secret to great bass or a punchy EQ? I used their bass preset and then tweaked it by raising the the mids just a little and increasing the highs. It’s decent.

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I am actually having the opposite problem. The audio is VERY muddy, even with the 3 top EQ sliders at max, and the bass one all the way at the bottom. I’m wondering if I have a defective set. The audio is listenable, but clearly not as crisp as other headphones (even very cheap ones).

Gwendolyn/others at Wyze… what’s the best approach to investigate this? They headphone are working as expected otherwise…

Thanks all!
Owen Adair

Yeah that’s not the case with mine. I can’t raise my bass loud enough.

I got here because I also have mostly a bland muddy sound in my wyze headphones. Did anyone get in contact with Wyze yet? I may need mine swapped if people think they should sound better than that.

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I reached out their support and was given the basic troubleshooting steps of reboot the headset, update the firmware, open the app and adjust the EQ. Stuff I did when I first got them.

My headphones are also very muddy and boxy sounding. It’s so bad I can’t use them with the default EQ (which is a bummer because using it with the chord the EQ is not active). I had to lower the bass a lot, lower the low mid a little, bump the high mid a lot, bump the trebble a little - this helped it sound way better.

I may be a bass head but I think with mine maxed out on bass it still seems like it could use more punch. I’m not sure if most like their EQ flatter.

Muddy and Boxy is the best description so far. Just got my pair out of the box and I wish the headphones has more Crispy sound and less bass. Not sure if this can be changed via firmware but I was expecting a better sound based on what was advertised.

Sadly, I ended up returning mine because of it’s sound. I couldn’t see myself using it enough because of the lack of clarity and bass.

I must be incredibly dim, I just received mine this afternoon but I cannot find the EQ. Where is it hidden. I installed the “Wyze Make Your Home Smarter” app, on my iPhone, did I grab the wrong app?

Welcome to the Wyze forum jkl714. :+1: You grabbed the correct app. To get to the EQ setting, make sure bluetooth is on, turn your headphones on, start up the Wyze app, tap the headphones icon, tap the EQ icon in the upper right:

Thank you, I’d seen that icon and was sure I tried it but…

Getting old is an adventure in confusion, just saying.

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No problem… glad you’ve found it. :+1: I’m a senior and have my “senior moments”. I embrace them. :grinning:

Scoop the 800hz mids & boost the treble when listening to rock. Also more volume = more treble so adjust accordingly. Hope this helps!

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