Headphones don't support APTX-HD or LDAC codec

I purchased headphones to use with bluetooth TV, but headphones don’t support aptx ll or hd codec. As a result, the sound latency is noticeable. I would love to see this addressed in a future release.

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These codecs are crucial for good sound quality over bluetooth. LDAC sounds so much better than SBC it’s not even funny.

The chance of this happening as part of a firmware update to the headphones (or even the earbuds), is extremely unlikely. The System-On-a-Chip (SoC) platform they choose in advance for the headphones generally determines what codecs it supports because the hardware has to be powerful enough and tailored to decode/encode using these codecs. The codecs also have a lot of IP around them (at least AptX for sure), so then there’s royalties associated with them, which increases the barrier into the market for those kinds of bells-and-whistles in the SoC.

Chinese products on Amazon and AliExpress often support these codecs either because they have cloned SoCs, or they reverse engineered the codec support into their products. (And consequently, don’t pay royalties for patents.) Some do, though, like Wyze, since they want to do business in (and be based out of) the US, despite having very strong Chinese roots.

Just my $0.02.