Headphones connectivity issues with chromebook

Hi everyone,

Why is this important to Wyze? I think most schools in my state (and other states) that are granting laptops to school students are granting chromebooks, and it’s pretty clear that the device driver or something of that sorts is not working well with Wyze Headphones. This means a lot of potential customers with the same issue.

Bought the headphones mainly for the group of kids that call me dad and are learning remotely.
It seems like i can get it to connect via Bluetooth to the chromebooks, but if i try to switch the audio input (microphone) to be from the headphones instead of any other device, it takes 3 seconds then the entire device gets disconnected and i have to click to connect it again via bluetooth.
After that i have to quickly change the audio input or else it continuously go through this disconnect process.
I have tried this with 3 different headsets and before+after upgrading to latest firmware.


My company has had a lot of trouble with audio and Chromebooks. It might be a lost cause. If possible I’d suggest sticking to analog inputs (not USB or Bluetooth) and using telephone connections whenever possible. Otherwise you really have to try different brands until you find what works best…

I agree with @Customer that Chromebooks have always been difficult with Bluetooth audio. The driver issue is also a possibility or this may be a bug on Wyze’s end as well.
Just doing a quick “survey”:
Is anyone else experiencing this?