Headphone Skip Double-Tap Remap

The middle button is too small to find quickly, for instance when running or exercising. I know that it might be difficult to remap the touch controls to swipe for skipping on the right earcup, but it might make sense to remap the skip buttons to the volume controls. A double tap on the volume up would skip forward and volume down would skip backwards.

This would work great with music and podcasts, podcasts skipping forward in time and skipping songs in playlists.

Again it would be amazing to use a swipe gesture using the right earcup, but if that isn’t possible, giving us an option in the app to use the double tap on the play/pause button or double tap on the volume.

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Suggested this be moved to the wishlist. I’d vote for it.

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This is a vital request. Even if it just turns into a setting in the app. The middle button is far too small for all the functionality. Either holding the up or double pressing up should be next song. Same goes for long hold down or double press down to go previous.

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100% Agree. This would be an incredible feature upgrade and would scale the ease of use up dramatically when working,