Wyze Buds touch volume control option

I’d like to have the option to adjust the volume of the Wyze Buds without using my phone volume buttons. Adding the option in the touch control settings to adjust volume for press and hold would be more beneficial for me versus the ambient mode option.

My $30 mpow ear buds had single tap play/pause. Double tap to skip track. Press and hold the right ear bud for volume up (or volume down on the left ear buds). I’m surprised volume control wasn’t integrated at launch. Please vote for this! Thanks

you can configure the tap functions in the wyze app to do this.

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@vaaish I went to my Wyze Buds settings in the Wyze app. Then Touch Controls, and I do not see anything regarding volume up or volume down control under double tap, triple tap, or press & hold. Do you see something different? Thanks for your reply!

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I do, on my end when I select what one of the taps do, I have volume up and volume down as options.

@vaaish , thanks for following up. Let’s make sure we’re on the same page lol. You have Wyze Buds (not pro).
Here’s what I have,
Wyze Buds, model WE1BLK, firmware
I’m using an Android phone (Pixel 4a) with Wyze App. I’m not seeing the option for Volume Up or Volume Down.

Can you confirm you’re using the same device and firmware?


ah! I see what it is. I’ve got the Buds Pro and I thought you were referring to that one. I’m guessing that for some reason the buds might not have the volume option?