Anyone else having issues with the Wize Buds Pro touch controls not functioning properly?

Is anyone else having issues with the touch controls on the WBP not functioning properly? I am emailing with the Wyze Wizards, who are trying to figure it out and I am wondering if it just my pair or if it is happening to others. So far no luck. Please don’t send the function lists (yes there are 2 different lists of what the functions are) as they have already sent them 3 or more times, that is not the answer.

Mine are working fine with the exception of changing the noise canceling modes with the tap and hold.

But that’s just because I thought it meant short tap then long hold, but it’s really just hold.

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Where can I find those lists? I’m trying to figure out how to answer a call, but the one list I saw did not include that - only how to reject a call with 3 taps. I am able to toggle the ANC just fine by holding the button a bit.

2 taps or you can change in settings to 1 or 3.

Wyze app, select earbuds,
hit settings gear top right,
Touch Controls

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@bob101 I just received my buds yesterday and I’m having the same issue with the right side bud.

I’ve had mine for over a week and the touch controls are unreliable. I am used to Apple’s Airpods but these are similar. Instead of a double tap to pause/play I have to tap 4 to 6 times. I switched off the other controls because all the taps I try to play/pause were getting confused with them but I’m still having issues.

Anyone else? Any ideas?

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I find the touch control unreliable also. Seems to be a delay in the action. If I double tap and wait briefly it does seem to pause/play, but still is inconsistent. Also, seems to pick up the 3rd tap even with a signifcant delay, as I have double tapped and when nothing seems to happen I double tap again SIRI is activated. Not nearly as responsive as airpods. Curious to know if Android users have a similar issue.

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Mine has the same problem. Sometimes it works, sometimes it does not. I changed the assigned taps via the app so I wonder if that has something to do with it. Wyze ?

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I have not been able to get touch controls working either. I will occasionally on accident change to transparency mode when adjusting the headphones in my ears but that’s about it for touch controls. I can’t seem to do it when I actually try. I still really enjoy the headphones, and the noise cancelling has been great, but it would be fantastic if the touch controls worked too. Is there a specific location I need to touch to get it to work?

Android user here.

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Yes! And I really dislike banging on my ears for control. Annoying sound. I’ve switched to Play/Pause on one tap since 2 taps has to turn into 4 or 6 taps frequently. With one, it only turns into 2 or 3.

And why isn’t there a mute option on phone calls?

iPad / iPhone user

Here we go, just like the headphones.
WYZE: We need to mute voice from the buds/headphones, not from the phone/tablet/computer!!!

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Yes I’ve had many issues with the touch controls not being reliable at all. Makes me wish for a physical button.

Same issue with tap controls. I just can’t seem to find a rhythm that works consistently. Gets frustrating when I keep having to pull my phone out of my pocket to do what the taps should handle. Sometimes one bud doesn’t respond at all and sometimes both do. I figured it was just me and my fingers but apparently not. If anybody has “the” secret please share

My first pair was possibly from an early shipment as I pre-ordered very early. They swapped them for a newer pair and the tap controls work fine. The biggest issue now is Alexa won’t work but Siri does. I have an iPhone. I think the Androids work OK for Alexa, but I haven’t heard anything for sure.