Wyze Buds Pro - Mute Microphone

Please add MUTE as a configurable touch action on the Wyze Buds Pro.

Currently one must open their phone or PC to turn off the mic.

Cheers and thanks!


Changed Wyze Pods Pro to Wyze Buds Pro.


I agree! How can you take a call and not have a mute capability. I use these with Webex on my computer and to mute and unmute is a pain going through the software while multitasking.


Definitely a must have feature. Other products I use have this capability and even remind you that you are muted with a repeat of the “mute on” voice prompt at set intervals when mute is on.

Please roll this out in an update asap.


I checked through the forum and didn’t see any posts requesting this feature, but I would love the ability to be able to configure one of the taps while in a call to mute my microphone, with work from home, I now spend a lot of time in conference calls, and the ability to quickly tap the earbuds to mute the mic would be incredible.
I’d imagine it’s something that would be relatively easy to implement since it’s a simple Bluetooth feature, but I’d love to hear if anyone else would like it.


Agree…The headphones do this (mute my voice) pretty well…not sure why this can’t be done or was overlooked.

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+1 This seems like it should be a standard feature. I actually assumed it had it when I bought them. Disappointing.

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+1 Can’t haul the Wyze headphones everywhere so bought these to take calls on the go. No mute on the buds themselves makes them pretty useless, assumed this was there as a standard feature

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Sad, this is why I haven’t bought them yet. A mute button is a deal breaker

Bought one on a Black Friday deal and I am shocked this capability isn’t there since the headphones have it. I might as well throw these in the trash can.

+1 mute button option in the touch configuration is needed. Should be pretty easy add to firmware/software