Headphone connectivity to Windows 10 w/AORUS Z390 motherboard

So I found that my new headphones won’t connect to the built-in Bluetooth on a Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA. All other devices have worked for years with no issue until now. I did try another Bluetooth dongle after disabling my internal Bluetooth device and that fixed the issue. The only weird issue is a device named LE-ABC2 shows but cannot connect. However on the Bluetooth dongle, both the LE-ABC2 and my (named) headphones appear (I’m assuming they are linked)Is there a known issue with the motherboard series? I have uninstalled all BLE drivers and re-installed them with no luck. These headphones do connect just fine to my Pixel 4, however.
On a side note, great headphones when I connect the to my phone. Zero issues (Pixel 4a). I did verify that the built in adapter is a Bluetooth 5 as an aside. I also followed the FAQ troubleshooting first.

I have this too. How did you resolve the LE Wyze Headphone ? Did Wyze or anyone else ever reply?

Nope. They asked for a log and that was all I heard. I have a snoozed email to remind me to hit them up again.