Have camera send notification when it starts recording

Please fix the camera to notify as soon as it starts recording. I see people come to house and leave and after it records this- it then notifies me.

That’s useless.

This request is beautiful in its simplicity! It bypasses all the stress and complication of 12 seconds, 60 seconds, CMC, PD, CamPlus, experiments …

Has this been suggested before?

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The problem is; to get Person Detection notification the clip has to be uploaded and analyzed.

No! Not a problem. They way I interpret this request is “send me a notification the moment recording starts”. It’s an initial notification, perhaps optional, that gives you an immediate heads up. The full clip upload and possible PD notification can still happen 13 or more seconds later.

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This would be great, to me the weak link is that notification sometimes is delayed by minutes so alerting at the start of recording lets me know something is at my gate. Typically I find that I get the notification as the delivery truck is backing out.

Relatedly this would hugely improve the Outdoor camera’s performance, as people are waiting well over 40-50 second with that unit - if anything the PIR sensor should be FASTER to notify, not slower.

I think this would be a vast improvement. So far this has been the one negative about this camera. Need faster notification.

My bike was stolen last week because of this! Someone came on my porch and I have a video of the guy stealing my bike, but didn’t know until after because he was quiet and took about 20 seconds. I was 10 feet away watching tv. Serious oversight, Notify me when something starts being recorded so I’m in second 8 of me keeping my bike! please! Fail.

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I agree. Let me know right away when there is motion. 15 seconds later you can say it was a perdon.

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If you place a sense motion sensor out there you will get notified in like 3 seconds. Here is a sense triggered V2 clip. Notice the sound and pop up on my phone screen and the time on the stop watch.

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Yes that’s a fine approach but (1) it involves more hardware and (2) PIR detection has different characteristics - shorter range, heat based and (3) there is nothing preventing the visual camera based detection (that is by definition already triggered and happening anyway) from also triggering a faster alert/notification before waiting for the event upload.

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Faster alerts when recording starts should definately be doable but I don’t recall seeing any official posts or a timeline about it being added. This is more of a quick fix if fast alerts are a requirement.

I personally think a V2 with a motion sensor is a better system than just a V2 without camplus but it does rely on the two products working well together. I have seen reports of people having reliability issues with the sensors and I have experienced some of these issues myself. Thankfully I think I have it all figured out now and everything has been working well for a while now.

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I TOTALLY AGREE. I don’t know how they sell this system as a security system. It does no good as long as it sends info AFTER it’s done recording. And take your video to the police… yeah a lot gets done and you’ve been robbed. This system is NOT a security system.

They don’t.

The Police not doing anything has nothing to do with WYZE or their cameras.

I think you missed the point.
If you search you will find that Wyze cams are considered security cams.

Not by WYZE. That was the point.

This is in development and working with some of the cams in that we are sending the notification at the beginning of the recording and then updating it when the AI tags. We just need to get it out to the rest of them.