AI-only notification: Add mid-recording detection notification (e.g., person appears middle of recording)

Because Cam V2, V3 use pixel-change for motion detection, when used for outdoors or areas with a lot of innocuous motion, bugs, shadows, leaves, etc., there is a lot of unwanted notifications. Like many others, I turned off all-motion notification and use only AI motion notification.

From what I have gathered, AI uses the first second (or so) of motion to determine if the motion is person, pet, package, or vehicle and sends the notification as appropriate. This makes sense because Wyze wants to send out the notification as soon as possible.

If a person, pet, etc. appears several seconds after the initial detection, no notification is sent. However, when I review the recorded events list, Cam Plus will tag the video with the appropriate detection, such as “person”. This tells me that Cam Plus looks farther into the video and will tag the video even if the person did not appear in the beginning of the recording.

It would be really nice to get a notification if Cam Plus later finds a person, pet, etc. in the video. I realize that the notification will be late, but that is okay. At least I will know that a subject of interest appeared in the video. Since Cam Plus is already AI-detecting and tagging, it’s a matter of adding the notification upon detection.

I realize that this could be many seconds or minutes–after the video is uploaded and analyzed, but again, it would be nice to know.


Voted, even though I’m not sure if your premise is accurate.

Thank you. I’d like to know your thoughts about the error in my premise. Was my observation of how the detection and notification inaccurate?

I guess what I’m thinking is that if your description is accurate, they should already be doing this… Notifying once AI has identified, regardless of delay. I thought I read that phone notifications were changed to come through first with AI determinations and/or video later. I guess I assumed it already worked?

Obviously I have not thought this through. :slight_smile: