Taking cloud recording out of the loop for testing

at the moment, we have 3 wyze cams up and running. a 4th is configured and waiting to be installed outside. 4 more ordered.

so far, our main complaint is the delay in receiving notifications. if i get this right, when motion is detected, the event video is sent to the cloud. the cloud does something that generates a notification.

if we utilize onboard recording, why can’t we just remove the cloud upload from the equation to test how quickly we receive notifications?

60 seconds from motion to notify is unsat. if there’s an intruder, i want to know NOW, not 1 min from now (or some cases for us several minutes…sometimes not at all). we had storms last night that were playing havoc with our internet service, and i suspect that’s what caused some of last night’s issues. our average normal speed: 25d/21u

so…if we store our video locally, why not just remove cloud recording, even for testing? or give us the option?

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If you want to turn off the cloud recording, you have that option. As far as the notifications 60 seconds is not a normal response time. I get event notifications between 10 and 15 seconds from the Wyze app.

See the following thread on turning off cloud events:

Turn Off Cloud Events

Often, I get a notification of a motion event, but when I check it, the app says that it hasn’t been uploaded yet. If accurate, there is no notificaton “delay” that is caused by the upload. I’m not saying there isn’t a delay, there is… just that it doesn’t appear to be related to uploading video to the cloud.

As an aside, how you use the cams is up to you, but I wouldn’t use the “intruder” arguement - as many will remind you, these are smart camera, not security cameras as indicated in the terms of service.

wonder where the physical cloud storage site is? might depend on just how many hops, skips, and jumps from here to there…

so if you’re received your notifications within 10-15 seconds ( really??? i’ve actually timed mine) and our internet speed is acceptable (again, 25d/21u), how can the delay difference be explained? or bettered?

Viewing the event video clips can be delayed at times. However, I can normally view mine in 20 to 30 secs after it was recorded to the cloud.

ok, now i REALLY dont understand. the events as explained by wyze:

camera detects motion
takes 12 second video
sends video to cloud
cloud generates push notification
android goes ding

i realize there are many moving parts to this whole deal, but when my ups guy brings a package, the process goes something like this (cam mounted over front door):

ups guy walks up from the street onto the porch
ups guy rings bell
dog barks
i answer the door
accept the package
close & lock the door
walk back to the family room
shush the dog
put the package on the counter
android goes ding…

This much action/motion in front of your camera should definitely give you an event notification within 15 secs to 17 secs max.

Do you have a detection zone set on this camera?

if that were the case, i’d get a notification before he actually rings the bell unless he sprints from the truck…but that’s not what’s happening so…

no, should i?

Yes, a detection zone is very important if you want to capture motion in front of your house. I would setup a detection zone and see if this improves the event notifications.

how is a detection zone going to help with the delay of notifications?

one of our other cams has zone detection, because light from cars was bouncing off a wall, triggering an event when it wasn’t necessary. there’s no diff between notifications for that cam and the front door cam.

Hmm… I’ve never seen that timeline spelled out by Wyze in their support area, or in the FAQ. Can you provide a link to where you’ve read that?

Regardless, the delay I see is associated with my phone. If I am at home on the same network, and the event happens, I generally get notified within a few seconds of the event. I can walk out onto the porch where I have a cam, and get a notification that I’ve done so quite quickly. Now, if I’m at work, on 4G, and if my phone is screen locked, I may not get a notification for a longer period.

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A detection zone will make detecting motion more accurate. I have 4 cams and I have detection zones set on all of them. It makes a big difference trust me.

i’d have to go dig for it - maybe a mod can step in and clarify

**** found it *****

you say the delay is with your phone…i believe it, when i get up in the morning and open the cover on my galaxy note, it takes about 20 seconds for it to stop dinging with all the notifications :confused:

but why? when i get an sms, my note dings. every time. cover open or closed. doesnt matter where i am or what i’m doing. note receives sms - note dings,

Your SMS app is set up to ignore screen lock by default, just as many other apps are. Some battery optimization settings may affect the response time of the Wyze app. Or if the app is set to not use background data it may not get notifications until the phone is “awake.” There are many settings that could affect the response time.

I have a Note 9, and even though I’ve tried to get al the setting correct, I still have the issue.

–Edit –

Also, if Do Not Disturb is on, then of course, your app will not notify you until the morning.

if my phone receives sms, then my phone dings.
if my phone receives a wyze notification, my phone MIGHT ding (after awhile…maybe…)
for my phone, it’s that simple.

so i can safely assume that sms is handle differently from wyze “notifications”; not being a systems analyst or a network expert, i cant say how the packets are organized and sent from tower to tower or how/why the wyze protocol differs from sms. i only know the “notifications” are inconsistent and delayed. no setting on my phone will change that.

Not saying it takes 60 seconds every time, but there does seem to be a significant delay sometimes. Just wanted to say that.

It definitely isn’t as quick as Amazon’s Cloud Cam’s notifications.

you are so right…my phone dings with a notification long after the ups guy is back in his truck and driving away…

so why doesnt wyze detect motion, send instant notification, THEN upload to the cloud??? well wyze? how about it?

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