Has anyone checked the number of days of continuous recording @360p?

I put a fresh 32gb SD card in a camera yesterday at 10:00 AM recording continuously at 360p and today at 8:00AM it had used about 19% of the card’s capacity. That estimates out to less than five days of storage at 360p. WTHeck!

Looking at another camera I had set to 360p confirms there is practically no difference in 360p and SD on storage usage.

i know this post is from a while back but i have a similar question.

360p is a transmission resolution, not a recording resolution. recording is always done to the sdcard in HD , i found the below link about sdcard recording resolution but not about cloud event video resolution , anyone know if its always done in HD ? thx

It is either in HD or SD, never on 360p. The HD or SD depends on user selection.

When you set it to 360p it records in SD.

may i ask how did you arrive at this conclusion? as it contradicts the link from the Wyze website i had included with my post
Wyze documentation

my original question was , can i assume that cloud video events are also always saved in HD, regardless of user setting (360p/SD/HD),thx

It came straight from the horses mouth. I was told by a Wyze employee on this forum. Do a search, I’m to lazy to look for it myself.

That I’m not sure.

Also the answer to your question is in the link that you provided. Here is a table from the link and the far right of the table everything is in 1080p, no matter your resolution. Looks like you didn’t bother to read everything :wink:

thats why I will be waiting for some one elses opinion on this .

The horse’s mouth (Wyze):

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Hey, I didn’t ask the question, @sgi did :slight_smile:

Sorry for the typo :wink:

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Just confirming the info. :+1:

Yes, that’s the one. Turns out you are not as lazy as I am :slight_smile:

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