Harmony doesn’t pick up wyze cams

With my harmony remote hub you can do a Wi-Fi search and anything that’s on Wi-Fi it will pick up and add to your list of devices. It picked up my thermostat and my Lutron hub but it hasn’t picked up the Wyze cameras. Anybody have any thoughts on why it’s not catching them on the Wi-Fi scan?

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I thought Harmony works with IR, what is the model number that works with WiFi?

Currently, I do not believe that harmony natively supports Wyze integration. Most of the time you cannot just simply connect to the camera due to security limitations.

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@qlang243. Look up Harmony hub based remotes. I have the Elite. They have went past IR a long long time ago. You can get a hub by itself and use your phone as the remote if you like but I find it not very intuitive. The phone App is an easy way to program the remote though and that’s basically what I use the app for.

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You are correct they do not. I have contacted Wyze about working with logitech as I think it would be a great pairing. But you can add devices to logitech if it’s not in their database and they have a webpage that steps you through exactly how to do that if you have a hub. The reason that I cannot add the Wyze cameras are they do not have a remote control of any sort. You must have a remote to add it to the hub

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Just curious what exactly would you expect that Harmony and any camera vendor would do together?

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As we know they offer much more than cameras now. So I could tie in my door lock, sense, the thermostat that’s coming out and anything else that they might have. Oh and the lightbulbs. If you knew what the harmony elite remote was capable of you would understand why I would want to center integration. Four instance they are in activity-based remote. Which means I push one button and it turns on my uncle your receiver to the correct input, turns on the device that I want to watch and turns on my projector and now turns off my lights. So with one button push everything gets done and I don’t have to worry about it. Also my current system has an HDMI port so I can pull it up on my projector screen and see my cameras and see what’s going on outside. Obviously Wyze does not have an HDMI port but if they could come to an agreement with logitech to do Wi-Fi I will be able to do the same thing and put my cameras up on my projector screen or TV screen

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Well actually I do have a Harmony myself, not the Elite but I do know what it’s capable of. I have the Hub and a number of automations tied to it.

You should create a #wishlist entry if that’s something you want. I already have automations that can display my Wyze cams on my TV so I am happy.

Who knows maybe Wyze will do it?

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Then you should share with the community under tips and tricks.

Did you utilize IFTTT?

No just Alexa, “Alexa, show the back deck” or “Alexa, show the front door”.

There is a #wishlist topic on this already. :slight_smile: