Hacked security system...again

this is the 3rd time my system is hacked and my camera events deleted and they turn my cameras off. i have not even logged into the system in 3 days and everything at night is gone and they turned the cameras off, the one of my front door. this keeps happening with this company and tthey have blamed me. i am now going to get a full refund and look elsewhere for different providers. im not safe im sleeping when this happens.

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Contact security@wyze.com and let them know your experience and see how they can help. Those folks are pretty snappy with their responses.

Is this involving the Home Monitoring System? Or just Wyze Cameras?


Change your password (to something you’ve never used anywhere else ever before) and turn on 2 factor authentication. Do this for your Wyze account and the email address you use to access your Wyze account.

Don’t share your cameras with anyone. Go to account tab then sharing then remove any shares.

While I can only speculate, I’m guessing nobody is actually touching your cameras. For a lot of people who report similar problems, it turns out that they have a bad ISP &/or Router/Modem. Particularly the stock router that comes from their cable company. Those are horrid. Sometimes it is bad upload bandwidth, or DNS problems or signal interference or using a long 3rd party cord, or a number of other things that cause there to be no uploaded events during long periods of time. I would certainly be looking into a lot of those issues because they are the usual cause, particularly when this has apparently happened more than once.

If someone is really pulling off something like this multiple times, then it means the problem is probably either someone you live with, or someone who infiltrated your router (switching to another camera company is unlikely to change anything in this case). Or that they are able to find recycled credentials without 2FA turned on (switching to another camera company wouldn’t fix this either). None of which would be Wyze’s fault, but all of which are easily fixed (get a different router, turn on guest mode with device isolation, change your password to something unique, turn on 2FA.