Guest code creation crashes app

Lately, when I attempt to create a guest code using my iPad, the wyze app crashes on the final step. I get an “Operation Failed” message, then the app quickly closes. Sometimes not even the message. The same thing happens less frequently when trying to delete guests/codes. I end up having to use my android phone… I’ve tried restarting the iPad, and checked for updates… Any possible solutions short of uninstalling/re-installing the app?

This is happening again. I can create a guest code on my android phone, but the same attempt on my iPad crashes it. WHY WHY WHY?

This is still happening. Every time I try to create a new guest code, the iOS app crashes. The android app says “operation failed”. I was last time I able to change the dates on an expired guest code and re-use it. But not this time.
The most galling thing though is when I called the support phone number the useless app chatbot gave me, the call went to Legacy at Pinecrest residential community!

I can’t be the only user having this issue. Or maybe most airbnb hosts went with more reliable brands.