Group on/off with outdoor base

I have two groupings of cameras - one for each of my two homes. For one of my groupings if I press the “On” button to turn off the grouping it turns “Off” just fine. When I drill down into the grouping I can see that all of the cameras/notifications are off as desired, The problem is that when I back out the group - without activating any of the cameras in the group - the group’s on/off button automatically turns itself back on. One of my groupings works just fine. The other grouping has cameras that are connected to an outdoor base station (with two attached cameras). I think the second group’s connection with cameras connected to the outdoor base is related to the issue. These two outdoor cameras are the ones that seem to be automatically reactivated when I subsequently view the grouping after it turns itself back on and thus makes it appear that the entire group is activated.

So your saying that when you go into the group of WCOs, they turn on? Are you clicking the play button or are they not displaying the love stream and just saying you need to turn them on?

What if you exit the group and refresh (pull down from the top), does the on button go back to off?

This is only happening for the second grouping which also includes two outside cameras that are connected to the outdoor base. If the second grouping is “off” and when I click on the grouping to view the list of cameras, they are ALL turned off as expected. I don’t touch on any of the cameras in any fashion. When I simply back out of that view and look at that screen that’s posted, after about a 1 second delay the button turns to the green “on”. When I go back into the group listing again almost all of the cameras are still “off” (not connected) except for the two outside cameras which now display the “play” option for the outdoor camera. So basically, because these two outdoor cameras auto activate it appears to activate the “on” button for that entire group on the main screen.

Although this is a little confusing, this is not a show stopper for me. I just wanted to point out what is possibly a small bug in the operation.

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Interesting. Could you get a screen recording of this? And submit an app log in account > Wyze support, and post them both here

Sure. But give me a couple of days considering it’s a holiday weekend and I’m running around quite a bit at the moment.


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I am experiencing this as well, and is the reason I logged into the forum today. I click the group to turn them all off which works fine, but all Wyze Cam Outdoors in the group turn themselves back on after a few seconds. I do not have to enter the group and back out, I can just watch and wait. The group toggles back to ON and when I enter the group, the WCOs are all back on.

Another symptom is that if I go into the group and individually turn the WCOs off, the group button goes back off. If I click to turn the group on again, the WCOs in the group do NOT turn on. I have to go back into the group and individually turn them on again.

This has been happening for (I think) about two weeks or so. It’s a fairly minor thing, but it is annoying.

I tried removing the WCOs from the group and then re-adding them, but it didn’t help.

all Wyze Cam Outdoors in the group turn themselves back on after a few seconds. I do not have to enter the group and back out, I can just watch and wait.

Randy is correct. The outdoor cameras turn themselves on automatically even without having to drill into the grouping. And obviously, they will record events even though you wish that they don’t because you have turned the group “off”.

This is still an issue, but I have a slightly different take on the symptoms after watching what is actually happening.

It seems that if I turn the group OFF, the WCOs turn themselves back ON after a few seconds (as previously reported), but if I turn the group ON (after having previously turned the included WCOs off individually to keep them off…), they come ON with the Cam3s, but turn themself OFF after a similar few seconds. The WCOs are actually bouncing back to whatever state they were in before I hit the ON/OFF button.

This is happening to two WCOs of which one is a V1 and the other a V2. I have a few other WCOs that are currently disconnected, but will try to get them back online this week to see if the issue affects all of them or not, and if a V2 base station matters. The current setup has both versions of WCO talking to a V1 base.

Yes. I just recently signed up for CamPlus unlimited and this has now become little more than just annoying. I now receive notifications/alerts and sift through recordings from the WCO’s that I supposedly “turned off”.

Did you follow up with a screen recording and logs to support? I too have this issue, most irritating when working outside.

Yes I did…but they don’t seem very eager to fix the issue. The funny thing is that it simply also eats up more of their own (Wyze) cloud storage.