Grey haze and zoom issues on playback

After updating to the latest version of the app and firmware I now experience a grey hazy view, and the inability to zoom in, on playback mode on my cameras. It seems that it is one issue after another after any update. I have been a Wyze product user for over a year now, and have come to expect problems with each update. It is apparent that Wyze does not test their updates thoroughly enough before releasing them. I want to be a fan of your products, I really do, but you are making it difficult for me to recommend your products to others because I know they will experience the same problems I do. Do what you must to keep prices low, but be aware that there are other alternatives to your products that work more reliably, albeit they are a little more expensive. Just fix the current problems first before working on the next greatest product you want to release to the public. I am a calm patient person, but everyone has their limits!!


Here is the latest from wyze, they have made it a priority to get it fixed

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Thank you. I appreciate it, but I know it will be at least 2 months until they “fix” the problem, based on their historical update cycle. In this competitive environment, that is much too long. I then expect another problem to arise because of the update. My apologies for my cynicism.

This I am doubting, I think it will be sooner, people have been vocal on this one

I appreciate your optimism.

I have worked in software and hardware development for decades. One thing I have learned is all rushing a fix does “in a competitive environment” is cause more problems. So while I don’t work for Wyze I can certainly appreciate what they are attempting to do.

Since the most well funded company in the world, Apple, routinely releases buggy software when they react to external pressure instead of good software practices I hope Wyze would benefit from the example and take their time and make it right not quick.


I think it is especially difficult for a customer to judge how much patience is reasonable.

We are dumb, have short time frames and immediate needs.

We are children easily seduced by marketing/PR’s pretty lies.

We get impatient and vote with our feet.

Wyze sells convenience/immediacy. It cannot always effect immediacy immediately.

There’s the rub. :wink:

True enough. There is no way for any company to please all of the people all of the time. So you just have to get used to the idea that even though you are doing your best you are going to disappoint some no matter what.

I remember when I first really understood that it was actually cathartic. It enabled me to go forward without feeling bad that the whole world was not happy about something I did.

So while I empathize I no longer agonize! :wink:

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Recently I have noticed the playback video is darker or lower in contrast than live view. Any one else notice?

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This has been reported by some people and they are working on it


Just noticed mine is gray or dim also

Same problem… Latest app version. Wyze Cam V2.