No zoom during playback and video obscured by grey film since update 2.6.42

Update created grey film over all playback with LG replay symbol, OBSCURES all footage. VERY UNHAPPY.


This occurs on mine at the end of playback. Are you saying this is happening during the viewing of the video?
If so it’s probably time to Open A Support Request


Not sure if this will help you, but the gray goes away if I give the playback view a quick tap with my finger.


This occurs for me as well. It happens on both of my cameras and only started recently. In addition, I used to be able to zoom in on my playback video and I cannot do that anymore as well.

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Opened 2 complaint support requests on this


Good-please keep us posted about the resolution!


One thing I found that helps some is , just tap the screen real quick and the grey will go away

Try swipe panning while zoomed. Gray layer toggles on and off.

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I see it too. It also happens if you move into the SD Cards history where there is a period of no video and a black screen. I suspect that dark screen is messing up the driver software auto brightness leveling. I noticed this when I had to reset the cam 3-4 times to get new events that stopped working after I updated. That created data gaps and dark regions of no video - and the blur/grey.

It’s likely a minor easy to fix bug that just needs to reset their brightness auto-ranging when moving into these dark regions transiently.

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The tapping technique or the landscape/portrait view change technique does not clear the grey or lower brightness levels once you move into a SD no data area of memory and come back out.


I don’t like the haze either. Okay, I hate it.

Viewing my clip in landscape, between multiple zooming finger sweeps and multiple get-rid-of-the-gray taps, I usually have to play the clip 3 or 4 times before I’m able to fully view what I want to see.


It seemed since last update contrast on playback is changed and I cannot zoom during playback. This has been with all cams so I’m assuming a software matter.

The contrast change (a more hazy look) and lack of zoom makes my reviews difficult.

Anyone else with this issue.

Update: I’ll add, if I take a photo of both hazy playback and Live scene, the photo will then look the same clear picture as should expect, on both. So definitely an issue on playback.


Hi @SheWolf. Could you please specify the app and firmware version you are having problems with?

Welcome to the community, @dasvon. I have moved your topic to this relevant post where it can be discussed further. :slight_smile:

Obviously, the CURRENT ONE, read the multiple complaints

The reason I asked is because current one or latest is subjective depending on when a post is created. Two months from now that probably won’t apply. The more accurate the information is, the better we can help troubleshoot an issue. :slight_smile:


OK, pls stop the [MOD EDIT] responses, WE’RE not idiots, problems like grey film covering “Playback” mode, especially in "LANDSCAPE " view, loss of ZOOM while viewing PLAYBACK, glitches galore, BEGAN after recent app update of approx 11/20 . Seriously, will post Negative Reviews for Wyze if this is not FIXED.

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What app and firmware version specifically are you running?

Nooooo, toggling
Wont remove GREY HAZE, no one can ZOOM into PLAYBACK mode either