Green flashes

I purchased a WYZE cam after my neighbors security camera caught a frequent peeper at my window.
A few months of having my camera up and I e only had a few strange issues. Pixelated smears maybe 10 or so times, and a green flash. When in night mode, my camera is pretty clear, accept for the very bottom of its “view”. I have bushes outside of my window so those seem to just be black blobs.
4 times in the few months I’ve had the camera set up, While watching some playback, I’ve noticed a very random green flash. My neighbors will sometimes have their flood light on, so if I notice that I switch the night mode off. And I can see what’s lit up just fine from their lights. When I’ve noticed this green flash, it’s not during any times I’ve switched modes, or been checking out what’s going on outside. It seems to originate from the bottom of the cameras view, just above my black blobby bushes. My mind immediately goes to some perv snapping pictures. A very intense purple is center of where it seems to originate this making me think “perv is a camera man as well”.

Anyway, I’m just reaching out to see if this a glitch that others have experienced or if it could be a camera flash. I’ve searched for a topic on this and haven’t found one. I imagine if it were a glitch I couldn’t be the only one experiencing this. :confounded: help.

I’ve experienced green flashes (entire image goes green for a few frames) in recordings made from locally-recorded content (i.e., recorded to internal SD card). On a number of occasions, a multi-minute motion-triggered recording has caught something of interest, so I’ll play back the desired portion and record it to my album. The recordings are where I’ve seen green screens. I have a suspicion that the green flash occurs when the recording is crossing over from one 1-minute file on the SD card to the next.