Green filled circle won't go away

After the 1.3 app update, I’m getting the video stream ok , but the green filled circle with the WYZE cam icon in the center continues to remain over the video after connection has been established. Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?

( using Samsung Mini S4 with Android OS 4.4.2 )


I am seeing the same issue after the update. The “filling with green water” icon does not go away.

I hope it is not the version of Android (Kitkat 4.4.1). Version 2 camera.

Firmware up to date.

Tried restarting the phone and the camera.

Probably unrelated, but the SD card became corrupted and I needed to format in a PC before the camera would recognize it (No SD Card).

I haven’t seen the issue, but I am using Android 8.1.0 on Nexus 5x. Android 1.3.113 and v1 ( and v2 (

This post and replies to it report what I assume is the same thing you are describing:

RE: Android Kitkat 4.4.1 From the FAQ:

“What are the minimum iOS and Android versions required for the Wyze App?
The Wyze App requires Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+.”

So Kitkat 4.4.1 is not a supported platform (probably meaning (my comment, and I am only a customer): Wyze hasn’t developed the App with this version in mind, and has not done (and does not plan to do) any testing with this version. If you have problems, we didn’t claim it would work with anything before 5.0)

The same applies to microSD cards above 32GB.

I am also getting the green water-ball in the center of the viewing field. However, it is only appearing on my LG smart phone. It is not effecting my tablet. I also noticed, on my phone, that when I open up the camera app, in the lower right corner, there is a round green ball with an upside down,and a right side up arrow in the center of the green ball. This stays on the screen as I scroll through the 3 camera images on my fone. Again this is not effecting my tablet. If my app upgraded, it did it on it’s own because I wasn’t going to upgrade until I saw that the bugs had been worked out. The version on both my phone and tablet is How can I remove this water-ball on the smart phone?



I have had my three camera’s for about 3 weeks. I am using an LG L41 Android phone. I am also using a tablet. Everything worked perfect until about the time the update came out. Actually It has been about 5 days ago. The LG phone is the device that is not working properly. I have uninstalled the program twice, and still the same Green water ball right in the middle of the screen. The tablet is working perfect.

I’m having the same problem… Any solutions. Thanks

Since this is only affecting some users/devices, please provide the mobile device type, its Operating System (Android or IOS, and version of Operating System and App).

Also helpful would be a screen shot, but I think the main issue that is being described is that the “animation” is not going away after the App has connected to the camera.

Without knowing what devices it does not work on, it will make it more difficult for Wyze to be able to reproduce the problem; and without a reproducer, fixing issues is very hard.

Probably best if you just use the “edit” feature and edit your post with the info.

Same problem on an android tablet running kitkat 4.4.4. I also have another android tablet running 6.0.1, an Iphone 5, and an Ipad all working perfectly on the 1.3 app.

Details are as follow.

Samsung S3 Sprint running kitkat 4.4.1 (yes I KNOW! It causes problems with XT Blink App too! Amazed either app works at all.)

Hi everyone! It does look like this issue is related to Android 4.4.x. As @BuckEye mentioned, we do only support as low as 5.0+.

However, our Devs are still going to look into the issue and see if there is anything we can do about it. From the base information I was given, it sounds like we changed some of our background processes for some of the new features and this conflicts with 4.4.x.

I will follow up as I have more information!

Thanks for sharing this information!

I posted earlier about the Android phone having the green water ball, and my tablet does not have any issues. After receiving the above message, from Wyze&Shine, I checked the version of my phone. It is 4.4.2,. I connected for an update thinking maybe I had missed one. The return message was that there are no updates available. What am I supposed to do now?


The main issue with Android is there are few if ever any updates by the vendors for their hardware.

The version of Android your phone came with is the version it will always have.

Not even security fixes. Nadda. Zippo.

Phone is out of date before it even ships.

Even a brand new Google Fi capable Motorola X4 is probably already stuck on the only Android version it will ever have.

Look around to root kit and install a new version of Android and that is already stale.

I know Google is trying to improve this.

If you ask me that is the real difference between iOS and Android. Apple will support the phone for a while.

I was aware of the 5.0 support limit for Wyze when I ordered the camera and was pleased to see it load on 4.4.1

Southwest Airlines no longer has an app for 4.4.1 - so the next time they can’t print boarding passes and suggest using your phone to download the boarding pass I will be out of luck.

Some earlier versions of Samsung Galaxy are no longer supported including my S4 Mini. I understand that the S4 can be updated to 5.1 Lollipop by following a procedure of steps including rooting the phone and firmware loading - maybe risky, since a misstep might brick the phone.

This App is only the tip of the iceberg with respect to Android < 5.0

For example: see

I am having the same problem with a LG Flex running 4.4.2
But not with my Samsung S5 running 6.01
The LG flex is no longer getting updates, but it is nice for this type of application, It has a large screen, no monthly fee if using wifi only, and can be a dedicated security monitor

In fact many older phones are available on ebay for very low prices, and can used as a dedicated security monitor.

Consequently it would be great if this could be fixed Or we could go back to the old version, for old phones.

This is completely untrue. Many phone mfgs, esp Samsung and others, provide updates for many years.


How big a fix can this be ? I’m guessing that the little bit of graphics code required to generate the green circle display may be isolated as an event call back (device connecting…). Why the app running on Android OS < 5.0 doesn’t recognize the termination of this event is a more involved matter. Might not be pretty, but the simplest workaround could be to allow the user (for those of us with OS version < 5.0) to simply have the selectable option to never have the green circle displayed.

I started getting the green circle on my Bluestacks emulator yesterday. It had been working fine up until then. I am not seeing the same thing on my Android phone or on my wife’s iPhone.

I tried uninstalling the Wyze app from Bluestacks and reinstalling. That didn’t fix it.

I uninstalled Bluestacks and reinstalled from scratch, and that did seem to resolve the issue. Not sure if this will help anyone or not.


> I uninstalled Bluestacks and reinstalled from scratch, and that did seem to resolve the issue. Not sure if this will help anyone or not.
Means the Wyze development team can replicate and try fixes and if Bluestacks has some debug/trace features should be able to sort it out.

I like the idea proposed that there be a Wyze camera app for older versions of Android/iOS, no longer being updated or improved but there for us folks that “have new old phones.”.

I would suspect that Google Play Store supports different builds for different version of Android.

Though, if and when the Sprint T-Mobile merger occurs gonna have to do something phone wise.

As I predicted first time I touched an Apple Iphone back when Blackberries were the rage “There will come a day you will have to own a smartphone.”

And it is true, everyone (both personal, employment, business) expects you to have a smartphone on you at all times.

My current health care plan requires an app.

I dink I will find and install a Android emulator for Windows 10 - would be nice to have my Blink and Wyze cameras on the PC (how un-trendy.)

The combination of Blink XT (waterproof battery operated) and Wyze (SD, powered) is a good combination.

The Blink XT does a great job of watching the front door or catching nighttime cats and raccoons in the backyard drinking from an electrified pond.

The Wyze Cam is great for watching the indoor cats and plants.

I like that the Wyze Cam can see motion through glass. I have discovered a lot cars drive around the neighborhood at night. :wink:

Good Morning. Any up date on the problem of the green circle splash screen? Please help me to understant why this problem has not been resolved? It has been a week as of today? I don’t understand why extreme makeover can build a house in 7 days.
And this problem persist?

Thanks, Marc