Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

Why the change???

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What change? Nothing has changed for me. I was replying to the previous poster who has had the detection zone snafu.

@WyzeGwendolyn You’d think with all of the requests in the comments and other posts for freehand detection zone setting (considering so many don’t have a perfect square grid driveway), they would’ve added this option as well if needed. Don’t get me wrong, the grid was a good option, but a freehand to show only certain areas for others would also be beneficial. Maybe a suggestion to add something in the settings to either use grid view or freehand for detection? Please give me your thoughts if you don’t mind.


The grid has never worked properly on any of my nine v2 or v3 cameras. Motion outside the selected area is frequently flagged and even at 100 sensitivity, slow moving objects inside the selected area are ignored (e.g. cars). It’s been broken for more than two years and my support tickets have been “referred to a specialist” and then closed.

Before the grid all we had was a single rectangle but at least it worked properly. Ah… the good old days when things worked as advertised…

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This says wish granted… but I see no change in my cameras detection zone (v2 &v3). Firmware is up to date. I turned off detection and turned back on.

Back when this wishlist was created, detection zones only had 1 single box shape that could be created as a detection zone. So people were asking for more than 1 single box shape. Wyze updated their detection zones to have a grid of several little squares (for example, the V3 should have 9x16 squares in a grid, for a total of 144 boxes that can be selected on or off).

You should definitely see that in the V3 cam, but if you are not seeing that in the detection zone, there are a handful of people recently experiencing a bug Wyze is working on:

And that should be resolved for those few people soon.

Again, your V3 should definitely be showing up as a grid though.

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Any update on the V2 detection grid fix? Mine still show box on fw

It should be fixed:

If you’re still having issues, try updating to the latest firmware, and if you’re still having issues, then submit a log and make a post here with the log number so Jason can let the devs know:

I just checked one of my old V2 cameras and it still has one big grid box and I just updated the firmware to

My parents have 7 V2 camearas and they all have the box and not the grids.

Just updated my v2 cams to and still don’t have the grid.
3 cams still show resizable box.

Please advise on a fix.

Submitted Log IDs: 1218709, 1218712 & 1218715

Wanted to post an update,
The wizards took a look & gave me some things to try. Heres what worked for me:

My cams firmware were already up to date so I fully uninstalled the app from my phone, android tablet & ipad mini & rebooted them.
I then reinstalled the app one device at a time, logged in and verified the detection grid was showing properly on my v2 cams.

Hope this helps if anyone elses are stuck.

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I have a small tree :deciduous_tree: right in the center of the covered area that bends with the wind so I had to choose either one or the other side of the three to have the motion detection.

Any update on the V2 detection grid fix? Mine still show box on fw

hey @kusalmed (February 2, 2023)

In looking at that firmware version, that appears to be from February of 2023… there have been two updates for that camera since then. those updates should bring you up to the new grid detection and get you away from that single box. check and see if you have any updates in the firmware update section for that. If it’s not showing an update, more than likely your app is out of date as well and you might have to update the app first to get the latest firmware update.

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Nest cams allow for 4 names zones with sized polygons like shown by RBLK.
I have street, garden, driveway & frontyard. Each of these zones can be used in scripts and each has people, pets, sound, etc.

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I was playing around with docker-wyze-bridge to get RTSP from my v2 cam and scrypted for HomeKit integration which has a motion detection plugin that allows for multipoint selection to create various zones. I was able to eliminate the car sitting in my driveway and also eliminate the neighbors driveways across the street by using multiple custom shaped zones, basically using many points to outline the zones of interest. Vastly better than a fixed grid. Also beta tested a blink cam and it has grids like wyze but at least it offers a finer division when zoomed in to help minimize capturing unwanted nuisance motion. No doubt wyze could do better if they were truly motivated to do so.

Very nice.

How do you handle reflected light at night into your defined zones? This provides many events on both my Wyze & Nest cams.

Wyze also needs more resources, which requires more revenue, … and so it goes…

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The cam position only saw light from head or tail lights from one driveway across the street which I was able to exclude. The street was straight so no lights hitting like if on a curved road. Cars moving along road never created a glare problem. Really never had much for issues at night. However since cam was inside looking out a window, I had to disable the ir lights so only had visible night video when the sensor light in the entry came on to illuminate the area.

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