Automatic Detection Zone

PROBLEM: Many times I’d marks areas of my detection zone that I THINK will mask out moving bushes only to have them still be detected.

SOLUTION: Enable auto detecting detection zone. This will allow the Wyze application to determine which areas of movement would trigger an alert. This would be very helpful for times where it’s a bit windy outside.

HOW: While in the detection zone screen, there should be a auto detect zone button. After the user selects it, for as long as the user allows it to be enable within that screen, moving items (think windy day and bushes) will automatically mark areas of the screen (squares) as masked for movement. When the user is satisfied, they can turn off this feature and modify those areas manually if they prefer.

This is a well thought out, creative and interesting proposal.

It could work really well for certain use cases.

It likely won’t be able to resolve issues related to light/shadow triggers that may cover the entire screen or when blowing leaves or something similar may fly through the entire screen… It might try to block out the whole screen in those instances. But maybe in extreme situations where there is motion everywhere sometimes it can learn to instead only block out the places with the most constant motion.

This idea has a lot of potential though! I really hope some of the Wyze AI devs get inspired by this and come up with something user-friendly that can help create automated detection zones for people. Then a person can take l it and make their own custom modifications if they don’t like the AI suggestion.

Thanks for sharing this idea! I think it’s brilliant. I am going to try to remember to bring it up in an AMA in the future.