Alert Zone | Custom Polygon

Good morning. Just saw the updated version of the Wyze app where you can customize an alert zone. Any way this could be a polygon where you can drag and drop points to select a specific area rather than a square or rectangle? Im in a traffic heavy street and my predetermined area also covers some of the street so the alerts are going off every time a car passes by.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, please add an arbitrary polygon to the enhancements wish list.

I find I mostly need an ā€œLā€ shaped pattern to get the driveway which is vertical at the very left and then the porch/sidewalk the is horizontal at the bottom. In the middle is the lawn that has tree shadows and birds etc which are triggering alerts.
I do thank you for the progress on the app, and having the rectangle available!

Yes, exclusion zones are a help but therectangle has too many limitations. A polygon would be great.

Love the new exclusion zone, but I agree with the OP. Even the option to add a second rectangle would be very helpful. Thanks for continuing to improve the app (and firmware).

1000x this. I love the feature, but a custom shape would make it so much better!

1000 times yes!! Please make this a priority!