Greater Control Over Detection Zone Shape

no, Eufy has its own sets of problems. Only because we are missing this feature doesn’t mean to jump ships. Wyze is a great cam for a great price. Yes, features are missing, but it doesn’t make the camera unusable. It works, just not as good as it could. Zone shape addition would be a terrific feature, so is better wifi range, 5ghz spectrum, wider lens, higher memory support etc :slight_smile: But for now, I am sticking with them.


I know that there’s been a fair amount of discussion about how best to implement this but it’s still in the researching phase and not under development yet. However, it is an active topic at Wyze.

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As others have said, a square box works in a perfectly square world. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to have a security camera that is slightly askew to cover a specific area. I don’t care if the person walking into view isn’t perfectly vertical, as long as I can see their face and what they are doing.

A grid pattern, more than 4 points on the detection zone shape, multiple detection zones, or even a freehand drawing of the shape would be a HUGE improvement. Any of those options would be welcome over the single square box.


Seriously would save a lot of storage resources if the camera would trigger an event for only what is in the detection zone. An irregular zone is required. The more zones, the merrier.

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I think Wyze should just start over and build a new line of outdoor cameras designed with the zone control built in. Clearly, the copious and longstanding amount of user input and feedback on the upgrading software for indoor cameras for better zone control is falling on deaf ears. Pick any number of competitor cameras with zone control and figure it out, its not a difficult coding issue.

I won’t hold my breath though. After all, Wyze has thermometers and face-masks to make…

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Don’t - It’s all about Lawn Sprinkler Systems now… - Smart Sprinkler Controller

Also, I just wanted to emphasize and agree with the following three comments…

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I just installed my Eufy

Better video quality than Wyze without a doubt
Way better app , more customizable
Better person detection, Pet detection, baby cry detection.
Better zone detection. 6 points I can move in any direction. Polygons. Etc.
It’s free. No limit on video sizes (12 seconds) and cool down 5 minutes. None of that.
Absolutely free no restrictions.
No need to subscribe to lift those limitations
Snaps picture of person or pet.
I got the pan and tilt, same price as Wyze.
It follows the subject. Way cool.
I am loving my Eufy
Got it on pre-sale.
And this is coming from a Wyze lover.
I still like Wyze. But I like Eufy a lot more


I paid same price. In promo,
Now they are $10 more than Wyze
Since it’s free you don’t pay $1.50 per month
So you’ll make up those $10 in. I time and thank me for it

The detection setting allows the user to select a square/rectangle for which motion within this box will notify the user.
I propose, like other security systems the user should be able to create their own detection zone not limited to a square. For example, diagnol lines as to pick up the entire yard without picking up cards driving through. Or be able to exclude exclude a tree or a flag on the property that may sway with the wind. This would decrease nonsensical alerts but still allow full yard coverage.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Which Eufy camera are you referring to?

For the price closer to the Wyze, he’s probably referring to this one ($40)

It does seem to have RTSP so it may not be a bad option.

However, for a few bucks you can buy housing and move the Wyze outdoors.

Just give us more control over the detection shape. We aren’t asking for that much.


I hope we get get this soon! My V2 cameras would be so much better with this! If I would just be able to move the “pins” around wherever instead of a box it would be great!

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Thanks. I already use a few V2s outside. The ability to customize the detection zones would be great, don’t know why Wyze hasn’t fix this yet!!

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I also have a few outside with the birdhouse housing from Amazon.
One is under an overhang but one is fully exposed to the rain and it’s still rockin after over a year.

This thread is from Nov 18th so unfortunately it seems like it’s at the very bottom of the list.

but at least they came out with a smart scale :wink:

It’s older than November 18th. Just a heads up, Wyze subcontracts their cameras out to Original Design Manufacturers (ODM) in Taiwan and China. Do you really think a small start-up has the engineering and manufacturing capability to design and build these on their own. They may have some customizations, but their ODM is doing the design. They have to wait for their ODM to provide features and upgrades. Obviously not a priority from their ODM.

You can find other versions of it like this one on Amazon ( Nick

Most likely the processor and image processing engine in the camera does not have the horsepower to pull this off. You have to figure the processing capability on a $29 camera has to be scaled to the price. If it was just software they should have addressed by now.

Oh yes the $39 one, the ones just released
But I got the $49 pan and tilt. I paid $27. :slight_smile: For it, Paid Same as Wyze Câmeras.

Loving the pan and tilt feature.
And yes I use it outdoors. Works great
It’s under canopy.
Having pan and tilt is like having 2 or 3 cameras

Specs on the $39 one. Fixed are same minus pan and tilt

I’m subscribed to this thread in the event that an actual relevant update may be posted officially by Wyze. can we make it so email notifications are only sent if @WyzeGwendolyn (or someone from Wyze) adds to the thread rather than every individual person who comments on how much their anticipating the new feature?

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I hope we get this soon! This would be a great new feature for Outdoor Cam!

For one of my Wyze Cams I want to use it more as a motion detector in a window. I am near a sidewalk in a condo and get a fair amount of foot traffic that triggers false alarms since the newer firmware makes me use a larger detection area than I need/want. I want only a small active rectangle area down low to detect someone coming in through the window to trigger an event. This is really a matter of wanting waning to be courteous and extend privacy to others.

Please let us set the active area to a much smaller rectangular width AND height - only need a few pixels height. A polygon shape option would also be nice to work around trees/bushes that move in wind or to extend privacy to others.

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