Grayed out "playback" button in cloud events

Well my wife is IOS (when she clicks playback it says no SD card) i am android and its completely greyed out. We are using a 256GB sd card and its showing in the app and for standard playback. Just not working for event playback. we have CamPLus.

I’m also facing the same issue. Not working playback on event screen on iOS.

App Version:

CamPlus Unlimited.

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Just bought a Pan V3 yesterday and playback is grayed out. It was working yesterday (it was not grayed out). I had to format the SD card in the camera today and it’s now not available. Most recent app and firmware. Can play the video on SD card. What happened since yesterday?

EDIT: I just formatted the card from the app again and the button is now available. That’s great but that means I’ll be losing data every time I format this. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Why won’t Wyze fix this:


Very good question that remains unanswered for almost two years.

Luckily my friend found the same issue on a newly purchased V3 camera after he mounted it outside above his garage. He sent it back to Amazon. I told him to order two to double his chances of getting a cam that works properly.

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Me too.
Log ID: 1352952


Hopefully they solved this issue with the new v4 cam.

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