Google integration completely broken

Pretty sad when you can barely get an answer on the forum. Lots of finger pointing. Amazon must love this failure. Can’t stream any cameras to ANY google device or Chromecast.
This has been going on for months.
Brutal and pathetically without explanation.
Some smart product huh?

Well, to be fair, the forum is 99% a user forum. There are some Wyze employees, but the forum isn’t actively monitored to address issues.

If you want to reach out to Wyze and provide feedback to them, you’ll have to use the contact Wyze options on the website.

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Hello @stephen3 and welcome to the community.

As @towelkingdom stated this is primarily a user to user forum, however a WYZE employee did post an update about this issue recently which I have linked below, but the short version is both WYZE and Google know about the issue and they are both working on it.


Thanks for the response but I believe I am done with Wyze.
The product are simply unreliable.
I see clearly that I am not alone.

I appreciate the rapid response from you all.

The reality for me has just sunk in.

Cheap products offer differing results.

Fair enough, but Wyze better wake up to the reality of rapid response.

Personally I have the disposable income to play with and it mostly frustrates VS financial hurt.

That is not the case for many I would assume.

Wyze is not very forthcoming with this issue, and that compounds the frustration. They know, and have known for some time now.

Burring it in a forum is not an upfront approach.

As an administrator of tech myself, I would fire my entire team for hiding things.

The community here is on another level of helpful and that is a shame on Wyze as they likely don’t know how lucky they are to have such good people on it.

Wyze would be better off to stop rapidly making products that roll out with issues and fix the base.

Just an opinion, and we know what those are worth right?

I will likely roll the firmware on these and tap them into one of my Synology products for an added layer of frustration. Lol

From the beginning, software has been the bane of Wyze.

Nice cheap toys

Thanks again.