Google Home broadcast when wyze sensor is triggered

Is there anyway to connect the Wyze sensors with Google Home to broadcast to the house a sensor has been triggered?


By broadcast I am assuming you mean audio, there is no easy way to do it, Google makes it hard for things to be broadcast through Home.

Yea, my ideal solution would be when Wyze sends a notification like “back door is open” I would love it if Google Home could broadcast that to the house.

Has anyone figured out a solution for something like this?

Not that I am aware of, I also use SmartThings and it wont either, Google tries to make it very difficult;t

If anyone figures this out that would be a great feature not just for the sensor but for all the security products.

The only issue with this is that the sensor and door break sensors notify ALL THE TIME. The application would need to be updated with several different modes.

-Home Disarmed: No App Notifications, video rules still apply, no Google Broadcast
-Home Armed: App Notifications Active, Video Rules Apply, Google Broadcast Active
-Away Armed: App Notifications Active, Video Rules Apply, No Google Broadcast

There maybe other modes that I am not thinking of but this is a start.


I get your idea but these modes can already be done using the Shortcuts within the app. If Google were to open up the Google Home APi some more so that devs can play around with the features more this could be something but until Google opens it’s walls this is no bueno.

I haven’t played around too much with the short cuts yet, I will do that today to see if I can replicate some of the modes. The Google Broadcast would still be king for some of this especially at night when you are a sleep. The other nice thing would be to set this actions via part of a Google Routine, Good Morning Activates Mode 1, Good Night Activates Mode 3 etc.


Just an update I am using an app called Tasker to open my voice command and then broadcast a message through the google home. I am now trying to hook that up with IFTTT and have that task “trigger” when Wyze contact sensor is opened.

You can use a webhook through IFTTT but I am stuck at this step - I will update as I find a solution :slight_smile:

I completely forgot about Tasker as a way to do it

Hi, did you find a solution? Thanks

Yes I did but its not the greatest. Essentially I am using to connect with Wyze and send a webhook everytime my door opens.

The webhook then triggers an app on my phone called AutoRemote and it tells Google to broadcast “back door open”.

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Could you elaborate on this? What is the web request you send to your AutoRemote app?

I have attached some screenshots to give some context.

The URL you will be provided that in the actual tasker app which is looking for that “call”. So if you pay for tasker and create a webhook it will provide that url.

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Here is a screenshot of my tasker commands which is to unlock my phone, go to the home screen, open my google assistant, and then paste “Broadcast kitchen window open”

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From your autoapp when you hook it up to IFTTT it will ask for your private webhook.

I have the same setup, but the trigger for Tasker is simply a wyze notification on my phone (Android). I know know this isn’t quite ideal because if I’m not connected to WiFi it won’t work.

However what I’m really using this for is to alert me when my kid wakes up at night. I have it so when his door sensor opens between 8:30 pm and 7:30 am the light will turn on near my room and it broadcasts to my home by my bed that he’s awake.

Someone really needs to make a YouTube video on this!

Can you share it so i can just import it into tasker