Google Home/Assistant Integration

Re: the sound issue. Now that the “record audio” option only applies the video being recorded, whether for motion events or continuous recording. This does NOT turn off the mic, and does not affect the audio playing on the live stream. In the app, you might have the audio muted when playing the live stream, but the mic is picking up the audio. The app is just not playing the audio. When casting live stream to hub or CC, the volume of your hub, (or CC tv), will determine whether you hear the sound. The wyze app volume/mute won’t matter.

If your cameras are all appearing in your Wyze app and functioning as expected, try saying “Hey Google, sync my devices.” This may help populate the missing camera in your Home Graph.

Major video delays casting to Chromecast. About 20 seconds. Audio is pretty poor to. These guys are good though, so I’m sure they’ll improve on it. Remember it have formally launched yet

I’m seeing the same issue, whereby the stream only runs for roughly 5 minutes and then a black screen appears with “Smart Home Camera” appears. I’m not sure it’s exactly 5 minutes, but between 5 and 10. I t happens to all devices I’ve tried streaming to (Home Hub, Chromecast, the JBL smart screen).

I’m actually glad someone else is seeing it too. I was about to drop a packet capture in the thing to see why it was dying.

@Frederik, is this an issue you’re aware of? Anything we could be doing to help diagnose the issue?

I have the same issue. I assumed it was a beta tester issue, but it’s persistent.

Not a deal breaker for me though.

I don’t know the technical mechanisms behind this stuff, but Android’s native screencasting function beats 3rd party app tinyCam Pro’s native Chromecast capacity hands down.

The former is as fluid and realtime as watching directly from the app. The latter is… not.

I expect tinyCam’s developer has optimized his app for use with Chromecast so I’m guessing there are some technical considerations preventing full fluidity.

@alexey.vasilyev ?

Not a deal breaker for me either, just a ‘nice to have.’ It feels like a bug, not a design decision.

Have you noticed that, once the stream dies, an immediate attempt to restart it doesn’t succeed?

Also, I did a whole bunch of timing tests this morning. For me the stream dies 10m 17sec (+/- 1 sec) after Google finishes saying “Streaming the [cam name] on [display name].” That’s on any of my Cam v2 devices, streaming to either a Home Hub, Chromecast, or JBL Link View.

Do we need to have google home device ? cant I stream my wyze pan cam using mobile + TV + chromecast ? I am able to add device using google home app on my apple phone but I dont know how to stream to TV. I am using chromecast since years but this made me crazy and not able to see my wyze pan cam on TV screen using chromecast. I am in canada . any help will be appreciated please.

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Yes, you should be able to stream it once this feature goes public (I don’t know if that has happened yet). You will have to link your Wyze account to Google Home first.

Your Chromecast has some name set, for me it is “Downstairs TV.”

To start the stream, activate Google Assistant on your phone and say a command like "OK Google, show me the [Wyze Cam Name] on [Chromecast Name].


Will the V1 camera be supported?

v1 would not work. We have technical limitation in the camera that prevents us from having the feature working on v1. Sorry.


There is a limit to 10 minutes. The reason is that we are using some cloud resources and cannot afford to have continuous streaming. At least, at the price we made the google assistant integration available at.

We are working on peer to peer and local connection. Once we have that in place, we will be able to remove the 10 minutes limitation. Please understand that it will take some time to get that done since it is a major change in the cameras to allow that.


Oh wow…I did not realize that. I had assumed the stream stayed entirely in the local network. Might want to advertise that a bit, for customers with limited upstream bandwidth.

Sorry for conducting all those timing tests earlier, then. Didn’t realize I was running up the bill on y’all.

Awesome, even if it will take a while. Assuming this is the WebRTC work that was mentioned in the past, please please also consider publishing an API that other applications can use to talk to the camera locally w/o requiring that the cam owner flash the RTSP firmware (and w/o requiring the use of tutk libraries of dubious provenance).

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the problem with offering an API is that we have to make sure that we have a secure way to give access to the API to the intended owner. Right now, we are not in a position to offer an API. The system is build in a way that is way too secured (ie. not flexible enough to allow non Wyze resources to connect). We are redesigning part of the cloud and redoing a good part of the firmware that should give us more flexibility.
I’m not saying we will create an API or open the access to WebRTC to the general public or to a developer program but we would have more flexibility if we decide to do so.


That’s ok, we have a little bit of the price of the camera that goes to cloud operation so as long as not everybody is doing it with all their cameras, we are ok. :slight_smile:

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Will the official release still have the 15+ second stream initialization delay and 15+ second real-time viewing lag?

Oh, man! Local streaming (without going up and down in “the cloud”) would be an absolute game-changer. Even on fibre, I’m looking at a 20-25 second lag right now (which is way better than no video at all!)
Thanks for so much work, folks. I’ll definitely be adding to my 4 Cam v2s.


Some posts back it was said that the topics release will have this same delay, although there should be some minor improvement when they get all their servers in production, or something like that. They are working however on completely re-do-ing how the camera processes the stream and (my non technical understanding) converts it to allow Chromecast to play it. That should all but eliminate the lag, to make close to real time, according to the post, but this will take months, possibly end of year or longer. They wanted to give us this functionality, which of course is better than none.

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Hey Bystander. Just out of curiousity, is there a basis for this suspicion - or is it just operating out of an “abundance of caution” (which I fully understand)?