Google Assistant Lock Unlock?

Okay i don’t know if this is new or if I am late to the party, but did we get access to unlock the wyze lock with Google assistant? Check this out… I can’t haven’t been able to get it to work yet.

Send me your thoughts… Input… News…

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On your Android phone or tablet, say Hey Google, open Assistant settings. Under Popular settings, tap Voice Match. Turn on Hey Google.

That is not what I said. This is new for wyze to have a pin to unlock the door lock. Not how to use assistant. Thanks though

that pink SHOULD only be for the keypad as far as I know.

Is this a new setting under the lock settings? I can’t seem to find it. This looks promising though. Would love this functionality.


I’m not sure if you have to be on the beta or not, but “Third Party Integrations” showed up for me under Lock settings.

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So I joined the beta and I was able to get the setting to show up. I set my pin but no luck with getting Google Assistant to lock or unlock the lock. I’m sure Wyze still needs to flip something on the back end for this to work. Looks very promising though.

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I was installing a second lock today and noticed the new setting. Excited to possibly have direct Assistant access to the locks.

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It must be an inconsistent roll-out as I’m able to set-up my lock and unlock it via Google Home/Assistant now without issue.

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Wyze Lock now works with Google Home in the 2.21 app! Let me know if you are having any issues. :slight_smile:


Does not work for me in the Google home recognizes the lock. But the Wyze app 3rd party integration setting is no where to be found.

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The only issue I have with this is how the pin is presented during the command. This may not be a Wyze issue, but I shouldn’t have to tell it to unlock, wait for it to prompt for my pin, then give it my pin. I should be able to do a command like “ok Google, unlock the front door pin 1111”. Granted, if a pin is not provided in the original command it should request it.

Though, having to speak a pin number outloud is a bit counterintuitive for an unlock command given that you’re probably issuing the command from outside your home. I get setting the pin for assistant, but that should just link it to your voicematch or something.

This would make it much easier for “power users” to use an app like tasker to make auto unlock actually work reliably and quickly… Given that it works terribly in the Wyze app and the lack of an actual API to interface with.

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I agree with you. Google will ask for the pin number when you ask to lock or unlock the door. That feature on the Google Home side works. However, I have no where to enter the pin for 3rd party integration in the Wyze app to give Google when asked. I have Lock firmware, Keypad firmware

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It’s definitely in app version 2.21.26 in lock settings under third party integration.


Assuming that you have your Wyze account linked to Google for Google home, make sure you tell Google to “sync devices”. It may need to recognize it before wyze’s app will let you set the pin.

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I am app version 2.20.21 and it says that it is up-to-date.

Problem partially solved. The Wyze app on my iPad has 3rd Party integration and it works. However, the Wyze app for my Samsung S21+ that is in the Google Play Store is not up-to-date to include 3rd party integration. Bottom line if you have a Android phone, you are out of luck providing Google Home with 3rd Party integration and providing the required password. Remember the code that you use with the keypad is different than the one you use for voice commands.

Mine works perfectly fine on Android. The are 2 posts in this thread telling you the version of the app that you need so saying that Android users are “out of luck” seems a little baseless.

I did join the beta through play store though. I highly recommend joining the beta as the “latest and greatest” always seems to be slow rolling out to the “stable” releases

Joseph, I am not a member of the Beta group. My version of the Wyze app is the only one available in the Google Play Store. The version that is in the Apple app store is the one that is installed on my iPad and it has the 3rd Party Integration. Android people that do not have the beta version or an iPad I think they are out of luck.

Joseph, my lock works in Google Home. The app on my S21+ does not have capability of setting up the Google Home password. But I can now use my phone to open and lock the door using Google Home.

The app version on my iPad is v2.21.33 where the version on my Samsung 21+ is v2.20.21. Both state that they are up-to-date. The current Android version does not have the 3rd Party Intergration setting necessary for the lock to function with voice commands in the Google Home.