Linking Wyze Lock to Google Home; trouble

Hi everyone. I’m having a little trouble here:
I installed a new Wyze Lock; my first and only Wyze device. It works great via the Wyze app (on android) - but I can’t link it to Google Home so I can use my voice commands to lock it.

In the Google Home app, when going through the typical link device via ‘works with google’, after signing into Wyze and accepting “Your Wyze device list will be used by Google” - I get returned to the Google Home app - but the lock is not on the list of linked devices. Nothing seems to happen.

Perhaps also of importance:
I’m not able to upgrade the firmware on the lock via the app. I’ve been told by support the lock is not upgraded the same way other wyze devices are, and instead I have to be in near vicinity of the device and go to the Lock’s Device Info and tap on Firmware - but nothing happens when I do this. As of this writing (7-29-2020 the lock is on firmware - perhaps it’s already up to date?)

Possibly relevant, Wyze App > Account > Firmware Upgrade shows “There are no devices linked to this account”, which is a confusing message because the Lock (and Gateway) show up in my wyze app home screen and function properly. It would seem Google Home is acting as if there are no devices in my wyze account as well.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the Wyze community!
Google Home doesn’t currently work with the Wyze lock.:confused:
As seen here:


Thanks for your reply. That is unfortunate. There is definitely some confusion out here on Google Home integration.

" Does Wyze Lock Work With Google Assistant? Yes, the Wyze Lock connects with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control…"

My bad for not enough research to realize that’s not correct. :frowning: I see they’re ‘planning on Google Home support’. Fingers crossed.


Looks like you got screwed. Wyze are fast to bring new product out but most of them are buggy. They were advertizing that it work with Google Assistant. Its false advertizing and wonder how many people got suck in. If there is lawyer here don’t you think a class action woukd be in order ? I will never recommend Wyze product again

Wyze Lock now works with Google Home in the 2.21 app!