Google Assistant/Google Home WYZE Vacuum Integration

An absolute shame. You guys have dropped the ball in the last few years overall and its sad too see. SMFH.

Very sad indeed

Any updates on this? Just got my Vacuum and would love to use my Google Hub, Nest Mini’s and my google phone to control my vacuum.

They said earlier in the thread there’s no plans for this

And ongoing disappointment…


I used ITTT to use Google home to start up my vacuum. There’s a slight delay but it worked.

Dear Wyze Camera Company,

I am writing to you today to inquire about the future support of Google Assistant commands for the Wyze Robot Vacuum. I am a big fan of your products and have been using the Wyze Robot Vacuum for several years now. I am very happy with the performance of the vacuum, but I would like to be able to control it with my voice using Google Assistant.
Originally Wyze said this feature would be coming.

I know that the Wyze Robot Vacuum currently supports Alexa commands, but I would prefer to use Google Assistant. I find that Google Assistant is more reliable and easier to use than Alexa. Additionally, I have a number of other Google Home & Wyze devices in my home, so it would be convenient to be able to control all of my smart home devices with a single voice assistant.

In addition to supporting Google Assistant commands, I would also like to see the Wyze Robot Vacuum be able to do spot cleaning on demand. This would be a very useful feature, especially for cleaning up small messes. For example, if I spill something on the floor, I would be able to simply say “Hey Google, tell my Wyze Robot Vacuum to do a spot clean” and the vacuum would automatically start cleaning the area around the spill.

I understand that you are a small company and that you may not be able to implement these features immediately. However, I would like to express my interest in these features and I hope that you will consider adding them to the Wyze Robot Vacuum in the future.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


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