Google Assistant/Google Home WYZE Vacuum Integration

Please clarify/explain what you mean by " Wyze looks to be in bed with an Amazon and Google competitor…"

Hey Jonofifo,

Can you provide the model of this shark robot vacuum you went with?

They partnered with roku

AV2511AE is the model

Well it’s almost Christmas 2022 and still no Google home integration. Very disappointed

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Just keeping this thread alive. Google integration would really be the icing on the cake. Please let’s see some forward movement on this please

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Anyone know why this is so difficult to get integrated?

I doubt they’ve been working on this. It’s not all that complicated.

This is not something we are currently working on and will not happen soon if we do it. We are focusing on getting the app better and getting the bugs fixed on the cameras.

Well, I think you should. You have Alexa working with it, I’m not in Amazons world, I’m in Googles.
You just had an update this week for the vacuum, the first one in awhile.
It would be a nice feature & you can tell by this thread, a needed one…JMO

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It took 2.5 years to get an official response from Wyze on a post with hundreds of votes, and this is the response? OK, you’re getting the app better? How about acutal control over where the rooms are on the map? Why can’t I just draw a polygon to identify a room rather than splitting up random regions?

The vaccum itself is OK, but the ability to control it is really a shame. I suspect the vaccums aren’t selling well so they’re not bothering to add any more features. I don’t think anything’s been added since launch. First and last purchase from Wyze – that’s for sure.

That’s a shame. But thanks for the response.

Must be a business model for not supporting the Google ecosystem that we are not privy to. But, it’s sad Wyze is favouring one over the other. There are quite a few people using Google rather than Amazon.
I can just hope like quite a few people, Wyze may change their mind up and look at integraion of Google a little sooner. Matter anyone?

This was a promised feature when the product was released.

Lying isn’t cool, Wyze.

Y’all they dropped the ball on this for so long that there are now cheaper vacuums with more and better features, It’s just not worth it anymore

Okay so I’m not the only one that remembers this being a promise feature, do you by any chance have anything that shows that they said this? I was preparing to go to the attorney general a couple months ago, but was having trouble finding the documentation that said this. I thought I had imagined it.

Looks like they’ve been ignoring Google users for years

But in related posts by wyze on their Facebook page, this certainly didn’t age well

I have been using a python script through wyze app to control vacuum by ga.

It’s very unfortunate that they are abandoning Google Home Users. I was one of the first to buy one of these and was already in the GoogleSphere for my Home Automation. Part of why I purchased it was because they said Google Intergration was “Coming Soon”.

I am now at a point where I need a second unit for my basement. I will not even consider the Wyze Vacuum and while I have a number of their Light Bulbs, Switches, Cameras and Plugs. I will probably not be purchasing more of them and as they die off I will more than likely going to a different vendor. Mostly because of the this singular issue. Partially because I am going to move away from anything that is dependent on outside cloud services. It may cost me a bit more, but at the end of the day it is about convenience, security and cost.

this is a shame! you do this on your cameras and you cant carry it threw other products?? you are a software company you should at least invest in ALL the products you guys have not just the top sellers. i guess ill keep using my work around until i switch brands…

If you do it? Really? Y’all are disrespecting google users. How sad.