Goodbye and good riddance Wyze!

I have had just about enough of Wyze not communicating with Alexa, and yet not one of my non-Wyze devices has this issue. Just Wyze. Constant “can’t communicate with server”messages. Are you trying to force us to use only your app? Tome to replace my Wyze devices.

I haven’t had any issues with Alexa integration in the last year or so. Can you explain a little more about what devices you have and exactly what is happening?


Welcome to the Wyze User Community Forum @lori119! :raising_hand_man:

I have multiple dozens of Wyze devices integrated with Alexa thru the skill. I use it daily with many routines and voice commands to automate a host of tasks with my lights, plugs, thermostat, vacuum, cam person notifications, device status feedback, device operation commands, etc.

There are some devices that aren’t accessible from Alexa or don’t have some routine triggers or actions, but many do.

And, there hasn’t been much improvement with Alexa for some time since they fired (er… laid off) 10,000 employees.

If you have specifics that you are willing to share about the devices you are trying to integrate and the actions you are trying to accomplish, someone here in the forum most likely has dealt with that before and can help.


I have had some issues with some of my cams not streaming to Alexa lately, but I believe this is a known issue from some of the beta firmware. If you are enrolled in Beta on anything, I would recommend unenrolling from Beta, switch back to Production and consider flashing the firmware on your cameras back to the public production version of the device.