Golf Cart V3 Cam aka Dash Cam

After reading a few threads on using a Wyze Cam as a Dash Cam, I did the following:

Two V3 Cams mounted to the front of a Golf Cart to record 9 holes of Golf.

The Two Camera’s where connected to their own USB Battery pack (one of them form the Wyze Car, i don’t recall the brand of the other), but both were able to keep each V3 powered up for the experiment.

While at home, the V3’s were powered up and verified viewable on my iPhone 12 Pro Max,

Record to MicroSD Card was set to Continuous

I forgot to turn off “Motion Tagging”

The iPhone was renamed to equal the name of the Home Wireless SSID so when I brought up the hotspot on the phone (password set equal to home network), the V3’s would happily connect to the hotspot on the iPhone.

Upon arriving at the golf course, I mounted the two V3’s, and eventually was able to bring up the two V3’s in the Wyze App and observe in near real time a live feed from each camera.

Once I got home, I pulled each MicroSD and moved the contents of the Recordings to my PC.

While I got some decent video while we were actually swing the golf club (I’d normally point the front of the cart at where we where golfing or turn the V3’s as needed in the mounts.)

What was disappointing was the video while the Golf Cart was in Motion (I wanted video of the course as well as recording us golfing)

I was hoping that the video recorded the the MicroSD Card might be better than what is recorded in the cloud. It appears that is not the case?

Wyze V3 as Dash Cam on Golf Cart 1 of 2

Wyze V3 as Dash Cam on Golf Cart 2 of 2

I experimented earlier that day with the two camera’s in the car, and they recorded my commute to work and back, as well as while the car was in the parking lot. I have not reviewed that video for quality while driving or if it continued to record to microSD when my phone was out of range to provide internet connectivity to the two Camera’s (one mounted in front window, one in the back window.



Need to load the Wyze Image Stabilization firmware. :grin:

Or just use a gyro-stabilized or 3-axis gimble mount.


Honestly I’m surprised the moving video is as good as it is. The cams don’t have any digital stabilization as they aren’t designed to move, so I wouldn’t expect it to look good in motion.

For this usecase a GoPro would be ideal, though much more expensive.

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Real Golfers walk :golf: :golfing_man: :rofl:

The Wyze Image Stabilization firmware for the Golf Cart hasn’t even made beta yet!.. Give 'em some time to get that to production before they have to work on the Firmware mod for the Walkers.

And, I never claimed to be a Real Golfer :golfing_man:… far from it :slight_smile:



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Me either but I did get a birdie today, well actually a Canadian Goose but I counted it anyway . :grin:


Last week I managed to hit a tree dead on … and the ball rolled back in my direction… I turned to group I was with and said “Lets see you do THAT !” Not everyone can hit a tree dead on like that! :slight_smile:



On the contrary, that seems to be my only skill, lol. :rofl: